Plastic Surgery Dos and Don’ts

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Since we live an era where plastic surgery isn’t a taboo anymore, everyone should be doing what they like as long as it’s not ruining their health. We can’t blame people for wanting to look pretty as long as they don’t end up looking botched. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have identical facial feature ideals due to the unrealistic beauty standards Instagram is serving us. Eventually, this will stop one day and diversity will be appreciated again. Here are some plastic surgery dos and don’ts you might want to consider before going under the knife.

Don’t go overboard

No matter how hard Kim Kardashian is trying to persuade us that her bum is real (remember that bottom X-ray?) and that she got her curves from Kris, you shouldn’t be buying that. She’s as fake as it can get, and nobody can have such tiny legs and a huge derriere. Still, she’s a gorgeous woman and we’re not trying to bring her down. It’s just that her body type can’t work for everyone with her height. So, think twice before you bring her full-sized photo to your doctor. It isn’t going to work, sister, and you’ll end up looking like a midget with a full diaper. Is that what you really want? However, we must not fail to mention her sister, Kylie, who’s a lot hotter version of Kim, and congratulate her doctor for doing an amazing job.

Choose by safety and not by the price

Since you probably don’t plan to go under the knife that often, choose a clinic that’s known for providing safety and maximum comfort. Discuss your best options and consult with your surgeon first. Women in Australia, for instance, are known for being high-maintenance and are no strangers when it comes to enhancing their looks. For that reason, they like to see their funds going to reliable institutions, and that’s why many of them opt for the professional liposculpture in Perth. This procedure is done by the best clinicians and you get to be surrounded by a friendly environment. Inner peace is more important than money, remember that.

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Do it for yourself

And not for society or your boyfriend. If your other half thinks you need bigger boobs, then you need another boyfriend. Don’t let anyone take out their insecurities on you because you are more than your looks. There are still fans of smaller breasts, so don’t worry. It’s not about the size, it’s about how they look. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. It seems that being flat never bothered Lena Perminova, a Russian model and a mom of three. She’s often being asked on social media whether she’ll consider having a breast augmentation, and she remains unbothered on that topic. She can afford every beauty procedure in this world, and yet she chooses to stay classy and natural.

Wait to see the actual results

You can’t see the final result when your nose or boobs are still swollen. It takes some time for your body and face to recover and it’s usually six weeks after the surgery. Don’t be quick to judge whether your surgery went well or not because you need some time to heal. Have some faith in your surgeon and think about the positive outcome only.

Quit your vice

Don’t drink or smoke two to three weeks before and after the surgery because there’s probably a good reason why your doctor told you not to do that. Stick to the rules because it’s your body that will be suffering if you don’t listen, and not somebody else’s. If you’ve been waiting for that procedure your whole life, then you have to respect everything being said to you. It’s for your own sake and you probably want everything to go well.

In the end, isn’t that great when people can’t really tell whether you did something with your body or not? The real beauty behind every plastic procedure lies in your doctor’s ability to perfect your features to the point where everybody keeps asking themselves “how is that possible?” So, be smart about your decision before you do anything and don’t forget to stay unique.

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