Proper Care and Maintenance: Marri Tables

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Marri is a beautiful hardwood that has risen in popularity over the years for its durability, charm, and sophistication. If you’ve decided on getting one for your home, or already have one but aren’t quite sure how to maintain your new wooden dining table, read on to find out some tips on how to do proper care and maintenance for your marri table. After all, if you’re choosing to invest in this high quality hardwood, it only makes sense to know how to take care of it properly so you can make full use of it for the years to come.

Watch the Humidity and the Temperature

When it comes to any wooden furniture, prolonged moisture in the air or direct contact can make the wood warp, swell, or crack, which is something that you need to be vigilant against if you want your furniture to last over time. Keep your marri table away from high heat sources, like radiators and the like, as well as possibly humid areas such as the bathroom, in order to maintain its finish and structure.

Prevention is Key

For marri tables especially, ensure that you are using coasters, place mats, table runners, and soft cloths to prevent against water marks, spills, and stains that come from food and drink being placed on top of these surfaces. It is easy to keep on top of this! But if you forget, a home remedy for water marks on wooden surfaces can be surprising: because it’s usually in the wax finish and not the wood itself, rubbing the affected area with mayonnaise can help you remove water marks. Of course, after the mark has been removed, clean the area with mild soap and a damp cloth, and wipe dry immediately.


While dust may not seem like a big problem, over time it can build up and scratch at the finish of your marri table. To prevent this, wipe or brush off dust regularly. You can do this with a microfibre cloth, even an old t-shirt! Try to avoid using wooden cleaners, especially those with silicone in the ingredients list, as these can build up on your wood’s finish over time and make it harder to do spot repairs and refinishing down the line. With stubborn stains, use a damp cloth to wipe it off, and follow through with a dry cloth to wick away moisture.

Polish When Required

Polishing your furniture really only needs doing a couple of times per year – and don’t use silicone-based polish! For wood polishing, your best bet is to stick with waxes. Ask your furniture maker what waxes they recommend to keep your marri table’s finish in tip top shape. Use two soft cloths to apply the wax, and then use to polish, and you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully maintained marri table that looks just as good, if not better, than the day you got it.

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