Real Estate Research with Reverse Address Searches

Conducting a reverse address lookup residential search can help you obtain important information you need to make the most educated decisions about your real estate investments. There’s only so much information that you can get from a real estate listing. If you want more in-depth information to see if there’s any critical information you should know before you buy a property you should try a reverse address search. It’s also a fast and easy search that produces a number of different records in one convenient place.

What Information Does a Reverse Address Lookup Provide?

A reverse address lookup can provide the following information:

Current Home Value

Although this information is available from a few different resources, most of which are readily available on real estate apps, it’s always a good idea to get as much information as possible. Purchasing a house is an investment, and you want to get all the data available to ensure you’re making the best possible investment choice.

Sales History

You could obtain county records to get this information, but it is much easier to have all sales history information included as part of one, simple online search. You will definitely want to see the variance of sales prices throughout the property’s history, as it can give you an indication of what your sales price might be.

Home Ownership History

You might be interested in knowing ownership details, even if for no other reason than personal curiosity. However, it can also be informative to know if the house stayed in the family for multiple generations or if it housed multiple different owners over the years.

Legal Records

It could be beneficial to know whether or not a house has been involved in any legal situations before you make the decision to purchase it. Has the house ever been foreclosed upon? Was it ever abandoned, and did it go through a period of time without any preventative maintenance? Have any crimes been committed in the house? Some of these might not impact your purchase decision, but they’re still good to be aware of.

Census Information

All census data is tracked by household address, and you might be interested in the information that is collected. Perhaps you want to estimate what your monthly utilities will be. Most utility companies will disclose monthly bill amounts for prior account holders at a specific address, but if the house had 10 people living it and you’re going to be living there by yourself, there will be a significant variance.

If you want a quick and easy method for collecting information about a potential real estate investment, you should try a reverse address search.

Image Credits: Jesse Roberts

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