Rent or Buy? 7 Things to Consider While Dealing with Shipping Containers for Your Business

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Are you looking for a shipping container, and you want to make sure you buy the right one? After all, shipping containers can house whatever important things you want inside them. Whether it’s valuables, your business, or people, so picking the right one is a must, and they’re usually made to last, not to mention that they’re more than ever easier to move.

Some suppliers built custom and even specialize with extra-wide berth. You’re going to pay more, perhaps as much as 30 per cent or higher. Knowing a few factors will help in your decision of buying a shipping container.

Businesses selling or renting shipping containers have websites these days. For instance, you can even find shipping containers new castle. Perhaps, you think that any old container will do, but not choosing a good fit could be costly. Size does matter when it comes to shipping containers. One of the most popular sizes, 20-foot shipping containers cost considerably less than if you buy a 40-foot shipping container. However, if you need more room for your business then a 40-foot would be your best option. 20-foot and 40-foot are the standard sizes for containers. You may want a different size than the standard that’s no problem either.

Here are seven tips that could save you money and trouble down the road.

Tip Number One

Know ahead of time if you need a permit for your shipping container. If you live in a populated city area, then you’ll probably need a permit so you must contact your city officials and find out the requirements.

Tip Number Two

If on a budget try not to buy the prefab ones, they’re expensive. You will probably need to make changes later on to fit your needs which will cost you even more money.

Tip Number Three

Not all shipping containers are made alike. You want the ones made out of Corten Steel better known as weathering steel because it’s made to last no matter the weather condition, and they’re resistant to rust.

Tip Number Four

Length of time you need the container. Perhaps you only need a shipping container for a few months or even a year. Renting might make a more attractive offer for you. If renting sounds good, then you might want to consider some factors such as paying for the cost of the delivery fee and a permit fee to place the container where you wanted it. There are places where you can rent both old and new and at a reasonable price. Plus, if you change your mind about the size that you need, you can always adjust the size and get a different one.

Whether it’s 10 feet, 20 feet or 40 feet, renting gives you the benefit of purchasing the shipping container later on. If buying is your option, you’ll have the benefit of making changes to the structure whenever you like. You don’t have to worry about shipping costs when it is time to return your shipping container like you do when you rent it. Most companies give you the option of buying a new or used shipping container.

Tip Number Five

What features do you need in your shipping container? For instance, do you want a single door or double doors? How about windows, flooring, internal locking systems, shelves, office/ storage compartment.

Tip Number Six

Do you need security and how much? Many customers worry about how safe their shipping container is. If security is your worry, then you might want to buy an exterior bolt lock or interior locking mechanism. Do your homework and find out which lock is best for you because if you decide to choose exterior bolt, beware that they can be cut with bolt cutters. Unless you have back-up security on your property, you might consider an interior locking mechanism.

Tip Number Seven

Find information on your shipping container shell life before buying or renting a container. If you’re buying a second-hand container, then probably it has already outlived its usefulness in the shipping industry. Your chances of getting a shipping container exposed to damage increase. Your container may have been used to carry chemicals at one time and thereby requires treatment before use in your business. Still, there are plenty of used containers that are in great condition and will make excellent storage units, and If you buy used, you may save money.

Even if you buy new, it doesn’t mean that it has never been used at all. So if you don’t mind a few dents and blemishes, you may come out cheaper with a great deal on a used one. A new shipping container means that you get the newest features. For instance, they often come with high locking gear and a lock-box.

Finding a shipping container right for you can be as easy as clicking on your browser.

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