Seven University Tips for Students Who Hate to Write

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Everyone knows that when you’re in college, you’ll be responsible for writing a lot of papers. But what if you’re one of those people who hates to write? Instead of preparing yourself to be miserable for the next four years, you can learn a few tricks that can help make essay writing a lot less overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your essay writing a lot easier and faster, which means that you can quickly move on to doing more fun things once you’re done. You’re going to have to write essays and papers at some point but there’s nothing wrong with learning a few tips to make that task feel a little less like a chore and make it easier to handle all the way around. Below are a few of those tips.

You Don’t Have to Start at the Beginning

When you’re starting your essay and you’re not sure what to write in the introduction or the very last section, don’t worry because you can always start writing in the middle if you like. If you prefer one part of the paper to another, go ahead and start writing there. You can start by working on the parts of the paper that you feel most confident about, then moving on to other parts until the last section you write is the one you like least.

Don’t Spend So Much Time on the Internet

While it’s true that the Internet can be a big help with the research you’ll need to write the perfect paper, it’s best if you get the information you need and then get off of it altogether. This way, you won’t be tempted to check your email, visit your Facebook page, or watch those YouTube videos that you love so much, which can make finishing your essay a lot more difficult and time-consuming. There are even apps that you can download to help limit your time online, one of them being self-control.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

This is a basic rule but if you’re a procrastinator, getting that paper written is going to be far more difficult. It may sound odd but if you go ahead and write the paper as soon as it is assigned to you, you’ll have it out of the way and you’ll be able to move on to other things. Having a paper that you need written when you hate to write feels as if it is a ball and chain attached to you. The sooner you complete the paper, the sooner you’ll be able to remove that ball and chain and concentrate on other things.

Read Out Loud as You Write

When you read aloud, you can actually hear if the sentences that you’re writing flow well and make sense. To make it less complicated, you don’t have to read aloud every time you sit down to write. Instead, wait until you have at least a paragraph or maybe even a full page before you do so. When you read a paragraph out loud, you can actually hear your mistakes and this can save you lots of time when completing your paper.

Set Some Artificial Deadlines

Instead of the deadline the professor gives you, give yourself your own deadline a few days or even a week earlier and pretend as if that is your deadline instead. You might be surprised when you actually meet that deadline and you’ll make your life a lot easier because you’ll be done ahead of time and can relax a lot more. Even if you end up completing that paper just one day ahead of schedule, that’s one more day that allows you to relax and forget about that assignment.

Write an Outline Before You Get Started

An outline can help you complete your paper a lot sooner and that’s exactly what you want when you hate to write. It helps make writing the paper run more smoothly and allows you to spend less time writing. If you hate to write, you want to write as little as possible and an outline makes completing your paper both easier and less time-consuming, which is likely your ultimate goal when you have an essay to write.

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