Should a Farm Jack Be Side Mounted on a Jeep?

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A Jeep side mount is a mounting system that is usually placed on the front side of the Jeep between the front door and the front wheel. There are many options to choose from, and any sized jack will fit a side mount, from the smallest 36” to the tallest 60” jack.

However, a side mount is not the only mount available, and while all jacks will fit a side mount, sometimes you want to consider other options.

Farm Jack Mounting Systems

Farm jacks can be mounted in several ways, and these include mounting them on the hood, the front side, the bumper, inside a truck bed, on a roll cage, and on top of the roof rack. Some larger truck manufacturers tend to place the jack under the bed. However, this is not a recommended option since under bed jack mounts open the jack to constant water and mud and essentially damage the jack over time.

The issue of corrosion is not lost on drivers. All jacks that are mounted on the outside are open to the elements. As such, you need to make sure you protect your jack with either a jack cover or have the mechanisms fully greased at all times.

A rusty jack is a dangerous implement; the pins will jam and can also snap. Even after applying WD-40 or any other solvent, the fact that the mechanism has rusted is a very bad sign. So, when you invest in a side mount, make sure you buy a jack cover, or wrap it in waterproof canvas and make sure it’s well-greased.

Another issue to look at is the lock. Side mounts, more than any other mounts, are susceptible to a lot of vibration, bumping and abrasion. If the mount is not securely locked, the jack will come loose. I suggest buying a padlock to secure the jack in the mount. It also secures it from theft too. Don’t scrounge on a lock. If you buy a cheap one, the internal mechanism will rust, and you will have a stuck lock. Get a stainless steel lock, one that is rugged enough to withstand all the natural elements.

When it comes to the mount itself, these are often made of plain steel and will also rust, causing damage to your vehicle’s frame, and also improving the chances of attacking your jack’s body too. You’ll want to buy a side mount that is made of either stainless steel or rugged aluminum alloy. In both cases, you want them to be coated with a thick and resistant powder coating. Do not buy a painted plain steel mount; it will corrode very quickly.


Side mounted jacks are prone to a lot of damage, more so than top mounted models. You can check out more information on this website. On the other hand, a 60” jack is not suitable for mounting on top, and a side mount is a perfect solution. Just remember that a side mounted jack sticks out and that it is prone to a lot of damage from the outdoors and the weather. If you do mount a jack on the side of your vehicle, make sure it comes with a good cover to protect it.

One final note: All those lovely pictures of red jacks mounted on white Jeep sides are good for a few hours of photo taking. If you leave the jack open like that, it will be rusted within a week.

Image Credits: Quadratec

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