Simple Techniques To Improve Your Respiratory System

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Modern fitness regimens give you the desired physique you want. Whether its strong arms if you’re a man or a well-toned stomach for women. Each day, we use all the muscle groups in our bodies, yet we never think about our respiratory system. Our lungs, windpipe and nasal and heart supply the oxygen to those muscles of which, none of them would jump into life every morning if not for them. Many factors including genetics, smoking, allergies and fitness condition affect the way our bodies intake air, filter the oxygen and absorb into the bloodstream. It’s an incredibly complex system, yet it rarely gets time in the limelight or workout routines. Don’t ever take it for granted and nonchalantly expect it to become stronger and healthier the more you work out. Just like your core, it needs dedicated time and attention for it to be improved.

Walking speed and technique

It sounds simple enough, but if you can improve your walking technique, each step will be toward a healthier life. Many people pick up their foot using their calves and pushing the foot forward through the air with the ankles. However, you should learn to drive your legs forward with your knees, as if you’re stabbing or slashing upward slightly through the air. You’ll find your foot clears the ground with more speed, and the core is put into use. Your diaphragm will then come into gentle conflict with your core, and thus the muscles at the bottom of your ribcage will slowly learn to expand with a little more authority. Don’t exaggerate the movement, however, but, merely seek to lift the leg from the knee joint, rather than your lower leg muscles. Increase your speed a little and start feeling the bottom of your lungs expand and fill out.

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Cut out the unnecessary

The respiratory system has to work hard to get oxygen to your muscles if you have chemicals in your blood. The lack of oxygen rushing to your muscles, dumping fresh batches of hydrogen molecules and taking away the carbon dioxide, will result in vast swathes of lactic acid build up. If you ever feel overtly tired for no reason or lack stamina, lactic acid provides a short burst of energy to help you cope, but ultimately leaves behind waste products. By switching from a tobacco substance to a modern e-cig such as those from Minty Vapes, you’ll find that rather than have your oxygen receptors in your lungs, degrade, it’s a healthier option. The respiratory system should be treated like a well-oiled engine, whereby without the engine being able to accept the oil due to blockage, the mechanism cannot work to its best ability.


Yoga helps to release the muscles between the ribs called the intercostal muscles, so your rib cage structure isn’t so tense. Some people find that when they breathe in, it feels like there’s weight on their chest. A tense sternum which hasn’t been stretched impedes the movement of the lungs, forcing them to expand downward rather than up and outward. Yoga routines can slowly release the adhesions left over from scar tissue repair, that over time solidifies into extremely strong waste tissue, prevent movement.

We hardly think about it, but our lungs, the muscles around them, windpipe and actions that aid oxygen absorption, are the very components that help us to breathe. We want our muscles to grow and become strong, but without a clean and strong respiratory system, our bodies become overloaded. Give your lungs the attention they deserve and release them from the chains of restriction.

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