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Don’t waste your valuable time taking on tasks that are time-consuming for you. Don’t run the risk of business failure by not utilising the latest technology. There are some software tools that will benefit your business, and we will have a look at them here.

Software Solution #1: Deluxe Payroll

There are many software tools to help you take the pain out of payroll, and the platform offered by Deluxe Payroll is one of our favourites. This is a one-stop service to manage this essential part of your business, with advanced security features in place, and support staff on hand to give you any peace of mind should you have any problems or questions. No more will your staff grumble over any discrepancies, as this nifty piece of software will take care of everything for you.

Software Solution #2: Netverify

When running an online business, you can never be too sure if the customers you are dealing with are trustworthy. How do you know that they are who they say they are? How do you know they aren’t using somebody else’s credit card to make a purchase? You won’t know unless you adhere to KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines. You can comply with KYC regulations with identity verification tools provided by Netverify. Their service will help you to reduce fraud and help you build up a more trustworthy relationship with your customers.

Software Solution #3: Hootsuite

An essential part of your marketing strategy is the use of social media. But let’s face it, keeping on top of all of your social media accounts is time consuming for you and your team. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… the list goes on and on. Welcome to Hootsuite, your one-stop shop for all of your social media accounts. Aggregating them all into one place, you can manage your content, schedule posts, and measure the ROI of your social media campaigns. There are similar software tools on the market, but we consider Hootsuite as the greatest of them all.

Software Solution #4: Quickbooks

No matter how good you are with numbers and financial matters, you have to admit one thing. They take up a huge portion of your business day! Now, you could hire an accountant to take on some of the heavy work for you, but that can be another expense you may not want to pay for. Therefore, consider the viability of Quickbooks, a nifty piece of software to keep track of all your expenses. It can also invoice your customers, track mileage, and automate your taxes, so this is one software tool that you might consider near-indispensable.

Software Solution #5: Doodle

Never miss an appointment again. Doodle’s scheduling software will ensure your staff and clients know when you are available to meet with, and you will get a notification sent over to your personal calendar. Simple to use, there will be no more wasted time caused by any errors in communication. With everything and everybody synced together, your business day will flow seamlessly.

There is a whole bunch of software tools available to help your business, and we have only picked out a few of them. Consider the needs you have, and you are bound to find something that will help you manage your day. Let us know what you find.

Image Credits: David McEachan

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