Stay Up To Date With Tri-Month Landlord Insights

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Accessing landlord insights can aid you with making the most profitable and secure financial decisions as a second property owner. The BVA BDRC Landlord Panel has taken the time to thoroughly research the topic of property ownership in 2021, and has subsequently used this data to create a set of predictions for the upcoming 3-month period in February 2022.

The confidence levels of the average landlord have recently seen a decline after experiencing what would have been a 5 year high, which is probably due to the numerous economic effects that came with the pandemic. Fortunately, this assurance in the industry is predicted to rise in 2022 as individuals and organisations start to recover from lockdowns and job losses. At least 56% of landlords in the 3 months that follow February 2022 expect to have confidence in their rental yields, proving the struggles of 2021 seem soon to be said and done.

All but 29% of landlords expect to make a profitable full time living from their rental yields in the upcoming tri-month period, but a dramatic 56% strongly believe that their letting efforts will comfortably boost their income. The average rental yield is set to be around 6%, while the average landlord portfolio will feature 6.9 properties. A surprising 5% of landlords recently invested in a property in the past 3 months, so it appears the industry is back on its feet and ready to thrive.

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Stay Up To Date With Tri-Month Landlord Insights 3
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