Summer Space Hacks: Increase the Size of Your Office and Feel Good

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We all know that the summer is a great time to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air. However, if you are like most people, your desk must be covered with piles of redundant paperwork! It can be challenging to find space to do anything when you return after taking those much-needed breaks. In this blog post, we will share some great ideas for how you can create more space at your workplace this summer without spending any money or hiring an interior designer.

Tip # One: Create a Paperless Office

Nowadays, excellent apps and programs can help you organize your email, documents, calendars, etc. If you’re not already using these tools to keep clutter at bay, then now is the time! We recommend signing up for an account with Dropbox or Google Drive because they give you large GBs of free storage space.

It’s not just for your computer; it can also be used on your phone and tablet. That way, you don’t have to worry about lugging a laptop back from the coffee shop where you went to work remotely because everything is available with one click! For example, Dropbox and Google Drive are both free for an account of up to three users, so that should suit most people’s needs.

Tip # Two: Invest in Extra Storage Solutions

Once you’ve sorted paper-based documents, it’s imperative to store this data away safely. We recommend investing in a filing cabinet that matches the color of your office. This way, it will be less noticeable, and you’ll feel more organized! If this option is not feasible, consider using big storage units. For example, if you reside in Olympia, then you can search for Olympia self storage online and find one near you. This way, you can store your official documents securely and have greater personal control over your documents at a lower price.

Tip # Three: Take Advantage of Vertical Spaces

Usually, we store items horizontally, but vertical storage spaces can effectively create a lot of room in your office. For example, you can store large files vertically to save space. Also, add a few bookshelves to your office space. Bookshelves are a great way to keep books and other items that you want on display. These shelves can be placed against the wall, which will free up space in your office for extra desks or workstations.

Tip # Four: Say Goodbye to your Desk Drawers

If you have desk drawers in your office, then it’s time for them to go. Take out all items from inside these drawers and put them back into their designated space instead. This will create two benefits; firstly, there will be less clutter around your work area, making the room feel more spacious. Secondly, this is also an excellent way to purge unnecessary documents that are no longer needed by removing everything at once!

Tip # Five: Utilize Every Surface

If you feel like every surface is covered with office items, it’s time to start looking at storing things on top of shelves or underneath the desk. Shelving units are an excellent solution for this as they will take up space that may otherwise go unused and provide ample opportunity for displaying reminders about upcoming tasks! If there aren’t any shelving units available, consider hanging posters from the ceiling. Some advertising agencies hang posters of their upcoming campaigns from the ceiling (like bunters). Such posters bring everyone on the same page and induces enthusiasm. This technique has been used by some famous creatives when their workplace was too small and wanted more visibility.

Tip # Six: Utilize the Wall Space Above Your Desk

This is another excellent way to save space in your office and get creative at the same time – utilize what may seem like wasted wall space above your desk as storage! This is especially handy if you have lots of small items that need storing but don’t want them taking up room on top of your desk or cluttering up valuable floor (or surface) space.

Tip # Seven: Use a Standing Desk

A standing desk is an excellent way to transform your current workspace and save space at the same time. As long as it’s set up correctly, there should not be any issues with this solution whatsoever. All in all, if you’re looking for summer workplace tips, these seven ways can help maximize the size of your office!

Tip # Eight: Rearrange Your Office Equipment

Next up, rearrange the office equipment at your disposal! Summer break is a great time to think about utilizing these items with some clever rearranging. Perhaps, you could change the positions or angle of your desk to create more space. Or, if it’s possible – take a look at whether or not a desk could be placed in another room to create more space. Try rearranging any chairs or sofa sets that you have and making use of the available slots!

Also, if the furniture in your office is not being used, then get rid of it! A cluttered workplace can lead to distraction and frustration, which will result in increased stress levels. Clear away everything so that there are only work-related items around

Tip # Nine: Add More Potted Plants

It’s essential to have potted plants around your workspace too! They’re a lovely addition with their natural beauty and freshness while also helping remove toxins from the air. You’ll feel more relaxed, happy, and productive when surrounded by nature’s perfect remedy – beautiful green leaves! The best thing is that they require minimal care – they need to be watered only once a week – so that it won’t take up any of your time – there is no downside here!

In A Nutshell

Creating extra space in your office can seem like a daunting task, but once you’ve cleared away all the clutter, the new spacious office will look extremely welcoming and refreshing. Clean and airy offices offer many benefits such as increased productivity, creativity through natural lighting, and less stress.

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