How Technology Has Made the Trucking Industry Safer

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The trucking industry has changed in many different ways in recent years. Truck drivers and trucking companies have a wide range of responsibilities and safety is one area where there have been huge advances. Many of these safety breakthroughs are down to the technologies that are available today, which were not around in the past. Below are some of the ways technology has made the trucking industry safer.

IT, Mobile, and Database Technologies

Thanks to the latest IT, online and distributed database technologies, you can find out much more about the history of a particular vehicle. This gives truck buyers much more peace of mind when they decide to purchase a used Peterbilt for sale.

Video Technology

Video is playing a huge role in many industries, including the trucking sector. When you’re driving a large rig, it’s crucial to be able to keep an eye on events taking place in front of you, either side of you, and behind you. This was almost impossible to do effectively in the past, but the latest developments in video technology have changed this situation.

Small cameras are located all around a modern truck and are connected to monitors and mobile screens so that you can have a clear view of the surrounding areas. Being able to see more through video ensures that you have no blind spots, you can park safely, and you can change lanes without putting yourself or other people’s lives at risk.

Tracking Systems

Truckers need to ensure that their truck, trailer, and the load they are hauling is safe and secure at all times. However, truck drivers also have to be aware of everything that is happening on the road ahead. Tracking systems have been developed to monitor all aspects of a truck and trailer, so that truck drivers can focus their full attention on driving safely.


Security is a key concern when you’re driving long distances and stopping at different locations along the way. There are many situations where truckers have been the victims of break-ins and assaults. However, sensors, video, and advanced locking mechanisms have been introduced to many trucks to prevent these problems from occurring.

Speed Control

It’s tempting to drive faster than you should, especially when you have deadlines to meet or you are out on the open road. To prevent this from happening, speed governors have been created that limit the speed of a truck. This is an important safety technology that has probably prevented many road accidents and saved many lives.

Wireless Truck Communication

As more wireless products come on the market, one type of product that is being developed at the moment is platooning. This lets multiple trucks communicate with each other while they are on the move. These systems include advanced features such as video, advanced braking systems, and sensors that allow trucks to interact with each other, leading to a safer driving experience for all involved.

The trucking industry has become much safer in recent years. The technologies and advances mentioned above have gone a long way toward making this possible.

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