The 3 Most Effective Commercial Bird Removal Methods

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Birds, while seemingly peaceful animals, can cause serious damage to your commercial property. Plus, they can create a lot of mess too. So if not properly managed, this may add to your financial expenses— which is money you could have spent on other aspects of your business.

See, birds can nest and roost on buildings and facilities in large numbers. When they do, they can cause electrical fires and accidental falls. They are also known for pecking, scratching, and damaging your outdoor wiring and solar panels. Moreover, they create an unsanitary condition for you, your employers, and your customers. On top of that, their droppings can damage your image. When this builds up, it can start corroding your building’s materials and block your drains.

Finally, studies show that birds and their droppings can carry over 60 kinds of diseases, including avian flu, e. Coli, and salmonella. Thus, if you notice any sign of bird infestation in your property, it’s important to take action to avoid costly repairs and serious health issues. You have many ways of doing this. But here are the three most popular and effective commercial bird removal methods.

3 Most Effective Commercial Bird Removal Methods

Below are three of the most useful methods for removing birds from a commercial property. There are of course other methods but the three below are proven to work, quick to install and timely.

1. Bird Netting

Netting is an ideal method of keeping birds from unwanted areas in your property such as canopies, gardens, and eaves. It will act as a barrier, preventing birds from roosting and nesting. Moreover, bird netting is cost-effective and considered a very humane method.

While there are many self-assemble netting kits available today, it is recommended for experts to do the job. This is because improperly installed netting can fail easily. Thus, birds can either get tangled in it or they can simply go through it. If you prefer this method, always remember to get professional installation from Service Now Trades to avoid further complications.

We use only the highest quality grade of bird netting material and we will ensure maximum protection of your commercial property.

2. Bird Spikes

Spikes are highly effective in preventing birds from landing on specific areas in your building. With these installed, even the smartest and most stubborn birds would no longer roost, nest, and perch on your property.

Usually, bird spikes are placed on narrow surfaces like parapet walls, areas above lights posts and windows, security cameras, signages, and ledges. They also blend quite well with the surroundings. Plus, they are a safe and humane way of proving so you have nothing to worry about.

3. Bird Wiring

Here’s another effective anti-perch way of bird proofing. If you’re not keen on using spikes and you think it affects the appearance of your property, then a bird wiring is more suited for you. When installed, it is discreet and hardly noticeable. It can also be used in practically any area of your property that requires preventing pest birds from roosting or perching. This is the reason why listed building owners prefer wires than spikes.

Bird wiring works by giving birds a very mild shock when they land on your property’s surface. While this may sound cruel, it is safe and considered a humane method to scare birds away. This is an incredibly common and long-term solution to bird control. Generally, the birds learn first time not to try and land after being shocked.

Commercial Bird Removal in Sydney

Now, if you need any of these service installations, let Service Now Trades handle it for you. We are Sydney’s local and trusted bird control experts who put you, your employees, and your customer’s safety first.

Our process begins with investigating and reporting. After confirming the source of your bird problem, we’ll create and implement a pest control plan that’s tailored to your commercial premises. We will help get rid of your bird problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.

With Service Now Trades, you can guarantee high-quality and eco-friendly treatments that meet Australian safety standards. Call us today for more information.

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