The Benefits of Buying a Complete Skateboard

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Skateboarding can be both a hobby and a sport, a thrilling one at that, and the most crucial component of the activity is the skateboard. A good skateboard is essential and is dependent on the skills and experience you have.

There are many types of skateboards depending on the skills you have or what you want to achieve. This article will focus on complete skateboards and their benefits.

What Is a Complete Skateboard?

A complete skateboard, also known as a preassembled skateboard, is one that’s sold intact. The board is installed at the manufacturer and sold as a whole piece, e.g. ripper barefoot skateboards. Complete skateboards are a favorite for beginners because all the complicated bits of installation are done for you. To further add to why complete skateboards are popular with beginners, they do not have to look for pieces they are not familiar with — the parts are all connected.

Types of Skateboards

There are different types of boards, and choosing one is tricky, but you will get a suitable board with the proper guidance.

  1. Longboards: You can tell this is a more extensive and more extended board than a standard board from the name. A longboard is almost 33 inches longer than the usual board and is preferred by taller and heavier people.
  2. Cruiser boards: Cruiser boards are used for general moving. The skateboards are shorter than longboards and give more stability. People cruise on these boards effortlessly because they offer smooth rides.
  3. Carve boards: Carve boards are used for tilting and tricks. The boards offer stability for tricks. They provide sharp turns and carves. These boards also help people regulate their speed.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Complete Skateboard?

After learning what a complete skateboard is, we can look at the board’s benefits compared to buying separate pieces and installing them.

Saves on Cost

Complete skateboards are a lot cheaper than buying pieces. When purchasing separate pieces, you will have to look for a deck and the wheels and have the deck customized to fit your preferred size.

A complete skateboard is cheaper because what you order is what you get — there are no additional charges. Complete skateboards cost anywhere from $20 to $100, and prices increase with material quality. A skateboard that is incomplete can cost over $120.

Offers Convenience

A complete skateboard is more convenient because you do not have to worry about where to buy the other pieces from — the skateboard is complete. A beginner may not know where to get different parts from, which adds to the convenience.


Complete skateboards are easy to learn and recommended for starters. Whether you are trying out a new hobby or are interested in making skateboarding a professional career, getting a beginner-friendly board is the way to go. You do not want to start the activity above your level because it might prove difficult. Complete skateboards are built to help people starting in the field.

Complete skateboards are the perfect starter boards, as they offer safety and durability. They are also affordable and easy to learn. However, if you are looking for a good board, do not go cheap. Go for the best quality, as it will serve you for a long time.

Image Credits: Tim Douglas

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