The Benefits of Offering Tea and Coffee in the Workplace

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Tea and coffee have become part of office culture. It does not matter what industry you are in or how big the office is, you will always see employees with a cup of tea or coffee at their desks.

But, how did they get this hot beverage? Did they have to go out of the office and purchase it or bring it with them in the morning? One thing that a lot of business owners do not offer is facilities to make tea and coffee in the office. This is a mistake since these simple beverages can offer a lot of advantages to a busy workplace. Here are some of the benefits.

Energise Your Staff

It can be difficult to roll out of bed early in the morning and get to work. It does not matter how much you enjoy your job, nobody finds it easy to get up when they are warm and comfortable in their home. When you get to the office, it can mean that you need something to get you going and ready for the day ahead. For many people, this means having a cup of tea or coffee.

When you provide a water boiler in the office, you can ensure your staff have access to a beverage that is going to energise them. This is going to help them concentrate in the morning and gain the energy they need to be productive for the day.

Boost Productivity

The midday slump is a real thing. A lot of people start to feel tired when it gets to lunch time and they need a boost to make it to the end of the day. So, if you want to increase productivity in the workplace, you need to offer a pick-me-up in the office. This is where tea and coffee come in. Due to the caffeine these beverages contain, your staff can enjoy an energy boost when they need it the most. This can allow them to focus and complete the tasks they need to do for the day.

Offer Comfort

On a cold day, there is nothing better than sitting down with a hot beverage. This is some comfort you can offer to your staff that are in the office. They have just travelled to work and it is cold outside. You can make sure that tea and coffee are available so that they can warm up and settle down. This allows them to feel comfortable to start the working day and know that they can relax. Then they can start their tasks and know that another beverage is there if they need it.

Make Staff Feel Appreciated

Sometimes, it is just good to show your staff you care about them. This can be something that is difficult to do in a fast-paced office. But, you can make simple gestures by providing hot beverages and snacks during the day. This is not only going to give your employees the energy they need, but it will make sure that they feel appreciated. This about the perks you can offer every day with the job and this can be a good way to improve productivity in the office. Therefore, simply offering tea and coffee can raise morale.

Reduce Sick Days

Did you know that there are many health benefits to drinking tea and coffee? It is thought that both of these beverages contain antioxidants, which may lower the risk of some serious diseases, as well as helping to aid weight loss. If these studies are true, providing your staff with some tea and coffee during working hours can be a good idea. It can allow them to work on their health. What’s more, it could mean that the number of sick days they have to take each year could be reduced. This could mean that your office is more productive in the short term and the long term with these simple beverages.

Provides a Short Break

During the day, most offices allow for only a one-hour break for lunch. But, the average concentration span is 20 minutes at a time. By providing tea and coffee stations, this can be a short break during working hours. Staff can go over and get themselves a beverage, which gives them a break from looking their computer and sitting at their desk. This five-minute trip can be just what you need to refresh. What’s more, they will come back with a warming beverage that provides them with caffeine to carry on with the working day.

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