The Best Cocktails to Go with your Food

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Whether you are watching the sunset in a rooftop bar, dancing your heart out in a club, or getting sentimental in bars with live music, it is always nice to have a cocktail in hand. It is a refreshing and mouthwatering way to consume your alcohol, especially if you are not a heavy drinker who chugs countless shots of liquor. Cocktails are delicious, but they are sure to taste even better when they are enjoyed with food, including those that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.

Negroni and Charcuterie Board

Negroni is one of my favorite drinks, especially the one at Regent Cocktail Club, which is one of the go-to options for a cocktail club in Atlanta. One of the three main ingredients is Campari, which is known for its distinct bitterness. This can be too overwhelming for some. Because of this, you will need to pair with foods that have a strong flavor. For a charcuterie board, you can have strong cheeses, such as Romano and parmesan. They will also go well with smoked duck breast and duck rillettes.

Martini and Oysters

When it comes to cocktail and food pairings, this is another fool-proof classic. The simplicity of martini will also complement the simplicity of fresh oysters. The flavor can be subtle for some, so do not forget a drop of lemon when eating your oysters. Some people also use oyster liquor in making their martini, which can be a substitute for an olive brine.

Margarita and Ceviche

Margaritas are a favorite cocktail of those who love tequila. One of the first things that you will notice in the first sip is the strong flavor of lime. With this, the cocktail will be perfect when it is paired with food that also incorporates lime as one of the sources of its flavor. A good example would be ceviche squeezed with lime on the top. If you want to be fancy, you can even add guacamole.

Old Fashioned and Bacon and Chicken Skewers

This cocktail will be ideal for those who have a sweet tooth. Although it contains bitters, the classic recipe calls for a sugar cube, which gives it a sweet flavor profile. To balance the taste, you can drink it while eating chicken and bacon skewers. The bacon is salty and fatty. Meanwhile, the chicken will have a savory flavor. It is sure to be a match made in heaven!

Blushing Bride and Fruit and Cheese Skewers

A quintessential wedding drink, which was traditionally prepared for the toast, a Blushing Bride is a cocktail that uses champagne as the base and it’s flavored with grenadine and Peach Schnapps. The mixers give the bubbly a sweet flavor. It will go well with berries and cheese in a toothpick. The tanginess of the berries and saltiness of the cheese will perfectly balance the sweetness of the cocktail.

Pair your cocktail with the right food and it will surely give you an explosion of flavors in your mouth! The right food will fill your tummy as you enjoy a mouthwatering concoction!


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