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It’s undeniable that smartphones are one of the best gadgets to come out in this century. These high-tech mobile devices feature excellent hardware and operating systems that allow you to download tons of apps for practical use and entertainment. That’s why smartphones are must-have gadgets.

But if you want to take your mobile phone to the next level, you must fit it with accessories. You can find different accessories that are specially designed for particular models of smartphones, and there are ones that are compatible with nearly all types of smartphones. There are multiple types of mobile phone accessories which can make your phone more accessible and even improve performance and durability.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best accessories that you should have for your phone. Read on below!

LifeProof Cases

For a lot of smartphone owners, covers and cases are a must-have accessory for their mobiles. If you don’t want your phone to get wet or scratched, or to be easily broken, you should buy an excellent case for it.

Before you purchase a phone case, make sure that it fits perfectly on your mobile device. It’s easy to find covers and cases for popular phones. You can look for smartphone covers and cases at LifeProof, a brand known for manufacturing durable and creatively designed devices.

Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Headphones

Another essential accessory for the modern-day mobile phone are Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are surging in popularity as many smartphone makers are now doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you’re shopping for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones, Jaybird Tarah is among the brands that you should consider. They offer incredible sound quality that enhances your listening experience. They are also waterproof and sweatproof with an IPX7 rating. The Jaybird Tarah headphones also come with user-friendly control buttons and a built-in microphone for calling. Moreover, they’re lightweight and have an ergonomic design.

Azpen Wireless Charging Dock

It’s time to make the most out of your Qi-supported smartphone with a wireless charging dock from Azpen. Aside from charging your phone with less hassle via resonant inductive coupling, this accessory also comes with extra charging ports and a Bluetooth speaker!

The Azpen Wireless Charging Dock is an awesome device to power up your phone while listening to music or watching your favorite movie at the same time. You can get this charging dock and enjoy its amazing features for $100.

Kenu Stance Tripod

The Kenu Stance Tripod is a compact and portable smartphone accessory that enables you to prop up your phone in either portrait or landscape view. It’s the perfect smartphone tripod for shooting photos and videos, or for hands-free video calling and movie streaming. You should also consider looking up concepts like ‘car tripod for phone‘ as it is very helpful when driving.

You can fold this tripod in your pocket or adjust its legs to get the most suitable angle. The latest design of the Kenu Stance Tripod comes with an extra keyring attachment (which can also be used as a bottle opener) and a stronger Lightning port connector.

Fugetek Selfie Stick

It would not seem like you were living life to the fullest if you didn’t own an excellent selfie stick in this day and age. So, if you consider yourself a member of the selfie generation, you should get the Fugetek Selfie Stick to capture your best selfies.

This selfie stick also doubles as a tripod, and it has a Bluetooth remote that’s compatible with Android and iOS phones. The Fugetek Selfie Stick is the go-to accessory for taking selfies by yourself or with your friends and family members.

CamKix Camera Lens Kit

Do you want to add some versatility to your smartphone’s camera? If yes, then this camera lens kit from CamKix is a must-buy for you!

This incredible smartphone/photography accessory features five different lenses (fish-eye, circular polarized, wide-angle, macro, and telephoto lenses) that can be fitted on iOS and Android mobile phones using a clip.

You only need to load your preferred lens into the clip and place it over your phone’s camera. This camera lens kit has a padded carrying case that you can attach to your belt or bag using a carabiner.

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Most built-in speakers on smartphones produce a tinny, good-for-nothing sound. If you have such a problem, you should invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker.

One of the best Bluetooth speakers today is the JBL Flip 4. This incredible speaker creates a high-quality sound that makes your music streaming a worthwhile experience. It also has an IPX7 rating, which means that it’s waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter underwater for thirty minutes.

You can also connect the JBL Flip 4 with up to 100 JBL speakers to produce a more powerful, booming sound, as if you were at a party. This Bluetooth speaker is also very portable, so you can carry it wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

Your smartphone probably has features that enable it to do awesome things. But if you want to make the most out of your mobile device, you should buy compatible accessories for it. Take note of the best phone accessory listed in this article for that purpose.

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