The Cold Collective – How to Throw an Outdoor Party in Winter

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What thoughts come into your mind when I say the word “winter”?

Are you someone who loves the cold, or are you like me, who would rather treat his or her bed like a cocoon, where you could hide away and hibernate during the colder months?

Now, are you a person who is a social butterfly, or do you like to keep to yourself? For many of us, the colder season can draw us indoors, away from nature and not thinking of a party atmosphere.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to gather friends for a get together in the chilly months. Here are my tips on how to do so, while still being comfortable.

Bring the inside out

One great way to create a party atmosphere outdoors in winter is to create a comfortable indoor environment. If you live in Victoria, the frosty feeling can be a little bit more enjoyable with the best marquee hire in Melbourne.

Marquees are a great way to host an outdoor event, from a winter wedding to something as intimate as a milestone birthday.

Being able to be set up anywhere, they also allow you to have the party go on, with lighting and heating, so that you’re in great comfort, even if Mother Nature gets bitter and chilly.

Keep it warm and toasty

Who has sweet memories of camping trips and snuggling around a campfire with marshmallows, or telling stories around a bonfire?

Having a gathering area around the fire pit or your own made bonfire can create a cozy focus point for you and your guests to meet up.

Moreover, it’s an easy place for conversations to start, helping you to catch up with fellow friends’ events, from those you may have seen recently, to ones you haven’t seen in years.

Delve into comfort food and share around

Most of us know of entertaining with pleasant food. Yes, many of us try to watch what we eat, but don’t feel too bad about it guys. Winter is accustomed to hearty meals and guilty pleasures.

I often attended a yearly winter party of one of my Dad’s former work colleagues. Many of us brought along food for the event.

Everyone contributed a variety of fare, from dips to one woman’s delicious cob loaf. As well as hearty casseroles for us to consume for the evening’s dinner.

Better Homes and Gardens also has some tantalising recipes for your winter soirée, from stuffed baked mushrooms to smoked cheddar mini muffins. Scrumptious!

Have a theme

Let’s face it, it’s winter. It can be super cold. However, so long as you have heating and reasonable lighting, that doesn’t mean you have to change the theme to keep it indoors.

One of the best themes for us Aussies to experience this is Christmas in July. Yes, it can be hard to believe but us Aussies do get snow. However, many of us don’t live near it.

Therefore, if you’re a person who likes the cold, a winter wonderland party may just be the theme for you.

Lombard, The Paper People have a multitude of decorations for you to create a great White Christmas theme for everyone to enjoy.

Festive Cocktails

When it comes to bringing out the festivities among the bitter chill, who likes a nice Irish coffee? Coffee and milk slapped with a bit of whiskey and cream.

Those such as the food and drinks section of Marie Claire, has an assortment of delicious cocktails for any party, helping to liven the mood and forget about the chill.

Now, next time you’re wanting to throw a winter party, you won’t have to remain enclosed. Have fun!

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