The Gaming Market is Waiting for New Announcements of Premium Games

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The worldwide release of the three-dimensional premium platformer Biped on PC and consoles was very successful. GAMESUP42 shareholders plan to invest $10 million in 2021 to develop the premium gaming industry. And this is just the beginning.

For the release of Biped, the indie publisher META Publishing, part of the GAMESUP42 holding, was responsible. The game is developed by Tencent — NExT’s internal Studio. This is both a single player and a cooperative title, where players work together to solve action puzzles. The game appeared in the spring — at the height of the pandemic, when people massively switched to online and arranged their leisure time on the couch.

According to Ilya Salamatov, the founder of META Publishing, the boom in the premium games market is associated with the improvement of the Internet infrastructure, the development of neural networks, and the mass transition to remote work. Worldwide, restrictions caused by the pandemic continue to apply, people still organize their leisure time at home and are interested in quality entertainment, in particular, with the whole family. So, for sure they need GAMESUP42 products.

It should also be added that experts predict that 2023 will be an important milestone in the global gaming market. This year the global number of players will exceed the three billion mark.

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