The Key Areas of Home Automation You Must Consider

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Technology has advanced to lengths that were unimaginable just a decade ago. From Alexa to Google Home and smart lights, home automation has the potential to significantly increase your lifestyle through convenience and pizazz.

Gone are the days where smart home automation was just but an idea of how to streamline our lives together. Fast forward today, and we have a full system of integrating home automation into our everyday lives.

Read on to discover the key areas of home automation that must be considered for the modern homeowner.


Nothing boosts lifestyle more than the entertainment factor of your home. From enhanced streaming services to the latest TV systems set up with the best home theatre, experiencing movies at home just became a whole lot more enjoyable. Many technology devices can link with each other to communicate and integrate with Alexa or Google Home.

Popular entertainment smart technology include:

  • Concealed drop down TVs
  • Music streaming technology
  • Smart lighting in the entertainment area
  • Automated golf simulators

The above isn’t an exclusive list of what you can do to upgrade your entertainment with smart home automation. If you’re a regular host of movie nights and get togethers, a smart home automation specialist can help you revamp your current setup to something more impressive and extravagant.

Security systems and access

If there’s one thing to get on top of when it comes to your home, it’s ensuring that your fortress is safe from break-ins and unwanted attention. With the advancements of security systems allowing full coloured camera recordings that are high definition, with the ability to stream live feeds on your phone and even have them backed up into an external storage drive in your security setup (or in the cloud), high level security is a thing of the future.

The smart home automation technological upgrades expected in 2020 include:

  • Clearer recordings
  • Faster connections
  • Improved cameras

With most smart home security systems, the vulnerable point is in your connection between the security camera and your home’s WiFi router. It is critical to get a home network security specialist to set up your home automation security system to ensure that everything is set up right.

Climate and lighting

From controlling lights and thermostats to blinds and curtains, the power of your house climate and lighting is literally in your hands (or voice). A simple “morning rise” could send your lights brighten into a soft glow to ease the mood. Whether it’s just one globe or the whole house, smart home automation of your lighting is customisable to suit you.

Feeling too cold in bed? Have the heater turned on without walking to the thermostat. A simple click of the button on your phone could have you snuggling in comfort and perfect temperature. That’s smart home automation for you.

This year, expectations for improvement to a higher level of control over your lighting and climate. Greater demand means better supply and competitive pricing bringing consumers more bang for their buck.

The above three aspects of home automation are among the most popular ones in the market – and for good reason. These improvements significantly enhance your lifestyle at home, increasing convenience in the comfort of your humble abode.

Image Credits: Nicolas J Leclercq

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