The Moving Check List: Things to Do When Moving House

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Moving can be an ordeal, especially in our current climate. According to an article by Property Investor UK, around 800,000 moves took place in 2020, despite having to deal with lockdown restrictions. However, statistics also show that more people are looking to move homes in 2021 than ever before, making it an excellent time for those looking to move homes. But despite the changes and freedom, there are still many moving parts that you have to keep up with that can be easily overlooked. It can all be a little overwhelming, especially when you’re trying your best to get yourself and your family ready to take on a new chapter in your life.

Fortunately, a moving checklist can help you get yourself in order, so you won’t forget what needs to be done. After all, moving isn’t just about packing up and ensuring that the movers show up. Here are a few things to do when moving house:

Redirect Your Mail

You can overlook smaller things when stressed during a move. Unfortunately, your mail is often one of them. Getting in touch with your postal service and using their redirect service can help ensure that your mail is sent to the new house. Most postal services in the UK offer this service at a cost, but it is worth it in the end.

Remember to change your address

While you’re getting your mail redirected to your home, you may also want to get in touch with important institutions, such as HMRC and ensure that they know you have a change in circumstances. Doing this can help you avoid missing any important bills or notifications.

Transfer your bills, and set up your utilities

Before moving to your new home, you’ll want to make sure that your bills and utilities are in place and ready for you to move in. One way of doing this is to notify your billing service that you are going to move house. If it is a service such as TV and Internet, they may have to come to your new home and install the service, so it is up and running for you before you get there. They may also need to run tests to ensure that your service is running correctly. In addition to this, some services may use this broadband coverage checker to ensure that you get the best service for your home.

Ensure you’ve done the cleaning

Depending on how long you’ve lived at your previous home, you’ll want to try your best to ensure that your home is clean, especially if you’re selling your property. Hiring a cleaning service and getting your home professionally cleaned is one way of ensuring that the cleaning is done before you exit your old place and move into the next.

Make Repairs

This might need a list itself, but if you’re selling your home, or you’ve rented, and you’re moving out, making sure you’ve completed repairs before you leave can be a big help. For instance, if you have had issues with a plug, ensuring that it’s fixed before you leave can help the new buyers or landlord, making sure they have a safe home.

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