The Online Dukaan App for Startup Businesses

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Startup businesses provide self-employment to a vast number of people everywhere. Now startup businesses can benefit from free online store creators.

What Can You Do with the Free Online Store Creator?

The online dukan app is a free online store creator. This means that the app helps you to create your own personal store on Android. The benefits of selling your products through an online store outweigh those of selling your products on e-commerce platforms. The Dukaan app is a free online store creator that startup businesses can use to create their own shop for free. The app charges no money as brokerage or commission for products sold through your online store.

The benefits of owning an online store include:

  • Having your own online shop identity
  • High manageability of shop displays
  • Easy to edit and update store information
  • Promotional content design and sharing
  • Secure order placing and deliveries
  • Sales performance metrics for business decision making

Free Online Store Creator for Small Businesses

Small businesses can start selling all around the world from their homes. With the help of an online store, small businesses can design their own promotional materials and share them widely across digital platforms. After creating an online store, the store link will available on your personal store dashboard. The link can be displayed on digital platforms or sent to recipients through messaging and mailing services.

Free Online Store Creator and Buying and Selling Platform

The online store link can be displayed and shared online. The store product information can be accessed by anyone, and store visitors can place orders on the store site. The app’s editing features enables store owners to change or delete information and displays, and ensures that the store is always updated. The online store also generates reports of sales performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for the store owner.

How to Boost Sales Through the Free Online Store Creator

All kinds of startup businesses can benefit from a free online store creator app. The app saves you the cost of running a physical shop and enables you to sell products from your home through simple logistics arrangements. Customers can be provided with a link to your online store. On the online store, customers will be able to view your products and information and place orders comfortably from home.

Free Online Store Creator O2O Benefits for Sellers

Customers need not make complicated calls or send texts to make an order for delivery. On the online store, they can click on their desired products and add them to the basket. After making their purchases, customers can check out and leave their delivery address and number. The app displays orders on the order board and also sends a notification to the seller. After the order confirmation, seller can use O2O logistics to get the products quickly delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

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