Things to Do with Your Smartphone to Kill Boredom

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Smartphones somehow become an essential extension in the lives of many. Other people always bring their phone wherever they are and don’t just leave it anywhere. It has a significant impact on our lives, mainly its different purposes, and changed the way we live. It makes everyone’s lives accessible to a lot of useful things.

Many people will agree if you ask them straight, that smartphone is a vital device in helping us in our daily lives. This device can do a lot of things, not just for communication, but you can also use it for entertainment. You can do everything that you want as long as this device entertains your bored mind.

With the help of a smartphone, we can take videos and photos, download fun apps, surf the internet, and even watch entertaining shows. But it will always depend on us how we utilize and maximize a smartphone’s capability.

Sometimes people use this device as if it’s a basic one and not realizing that it’s much more than that. So here are the things that you can with your smartphone to kill boredom.

Watch and Enjoy Comedy Central Videos

While there are a lot of shows on the internet that you can watch, watching comedy shows can make you burst in laughter, especially if it’s the Comedy Central videos. Comedy Central is a famous American TV channel that airs stand-up comedy shows, comedy TV series, and feature films. The purpose of this channel is to deliver entertaining content for the mature crowd. You can enjoy watching famous comedians such as Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, Zach Galifianakis, Bill Burr, and a lot more.

If you want to enjoy the moment with laughter, the best and the most practical thing to do is to download comedy central videos and make your free time worth it. Enjoy the dark humor, satire, celebrity roasts, stand-up comedies, and many more.

Listening to Music

Who doesn’t love music? Because all the people in the world listens to music. Music can inspire us and it might be the best thing in the world. For some musicians, music is everything and it’s their life. It can bring out any emotion from someone, depending on the music genre.

It can make people sad and it can also make them happy. It draws memories of something from the past that’s why music can boost your emotions. If you are bored, you can always to music with your phone so that your mood will change from boredom to enjoyment.

There are also music streaming apps that you can download like Spotify and SoundCloud. These apps can help you find that right song without any hassle. You only need to search for the song title in the search bar and play the track after finding it. It’s pretty easy and helpful, you can also download songs directly to your phone’s storage if you just know how to do it.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is becoming a trend nowadays because of mobile games that have many players like COD mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Mobile Legends. It’s more convenient to play games through your smartphone because you can play anywhere.

The growing community of mobile gamers is also one of the reasons while people switch to mobile gaming. It is perfect because you won’t get bored no matter what game you play, and if ever you are bored playing a game, you can always download more in the app market if you want.


The mentioned above are just some of the entertaining things that you can do with your smartphone because there are a lot more. You can always explore what your phone is capable of and never get bored. Always find something that will entertain you to spend your free time.

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