Tips that will Help you to Manage your Business Team Efficiently

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The role of a manager might not always be an easy job. After all, you may find that you end up having to balance people who have different personalities, and you may also have to work with people who are not a good fit for your team. This can be frustrating, but there are a few things that you can do to try and help everyone to achieve their true potential.

Maintain Effective Communication

Employees always want to be kept in the loop when it comes to ongoing projects as well as goals and deadlines. It’s essential that you communicate with them well and that you inform them about anything that may be happening within the organization. It’s also important that you try and encourage feedback so that they can approach you with any questions. This will make you accessible to your staff too, so make sure that you keep this in mind. If you want to better support your team then it is wise for you to look into EAP services.

Good communication in a team is partly reliant upon the technology you use, so this too is something that you should make sure to bear in mind. If you have the appropriate software, you are going to find it is so much easier to keep in touch as long as you need to. A good example is WhatsApp Business, which helps to keep things separate from your personal contacts and allows you to keep in touch with members of your team in different groups as necessary.

In order to use this, you will need a WhatsApp Business Number, but you can easily get one of those now without even having to get a new phone – meaning that you and your colleagues can all easily chat on the app whenever you might need to. Such solutions are really helpful for keeping the communication where it needs to be.

Build a Positive Working Relationship

It’s so important that you get to know your team on an individual basis. You don’t want to know them on a professional level alone. When you put in the effort and when you show your team that you care about them, you will soon see that they put in the effort more at work and this can work in your favor more than you realize. It will also help you to build better rapport amongst those who are members of your team.

Acknowledge Good Work

Don’t be one of those bosses who only likes to give feedback when there is something for you to criticize. If you can, you have to make sure that you give your staff positive feedback as this will work wonders for their confidence. It will also help them to get way more involved in the future. Make yourself aware of their achievements and let them know what is expected of them in your company.

Be Real

Your team know that you are not superhuman. If you are feeling the pressure and you know that you need a helping hand, then never be afraid to admit it. If you made a mistake, then make sure that you let your team know. If you can show your team that you are human and if you can give everyone the chance to relax a bit, then they will feel way more comfortable approaching you and this can really help you to be the best leader you can be.


It’s so important that you try and establish a relationship with your team. You need to get to know them, and you also need to know what their strengths are. People perform way better when they feel as though they are using the best skills that they have to get the job done. If you can delegate the proper functions, then you will soon find that this has a huge impact on their wellbeing. It will also help them to perform much better as well.

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