Top 4 Ways to Recover After an Intense Workout

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During the past year, many people have taken up exercise. Whether that is simply walking around the neighbourhood, hiking mountain trails, or going from couch-to-5k, more of us are getting outside. However, not very many people know when and how to rest after an intense workout. So, read on to find out how to get the most out of your exercise by perfecting your recovery!

Drink Lots of Fluids

If anything, there’s one thing that you’re going to be losing whilst exercising: fluids. Although you should ideally aim to replace fluids during exercise, sometimes you just want to run that extra half-mile and can’t stop on a whim. It’s really important that after exercising you drink some fluids, whether that is water or a sports drink – that way, you can properly support your body’s metabolic functions, allowing it to rest and recover at a quicker pace.

Stretch & Massage

After an intense workout, one of the best things you can do in order to help your muscles recover quicker is to practice a bit of gentle stretching. In particular, you should try and focus on hamstring stretches in order to relieve tightened, and sometimes painful, leg muscles, whilst also helping your lower back to recover. Try some side lunges and stretches, too, just to make sure that the muscles closer to your core are okay as well. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can also opt for a post-workout sports massage, which can really help to relax your whole body if done correctly.


CBD oil is an increasingly popular post-workout recovery supplement, chiefly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Classic medication such as ibuprofen can have unpleasant long-term effects and, if used extensively, can develop allergenic properties. CBD gummies from  can supress inflammation naturally. This greatly reduces discomfort and alleviates pain, reducing the time spent resting in between workouts. Some athletes even opt to take CBD during the course of their exercise, with reports of it increasing their attention levels and thus allowing them to be more focused on the task at hand: performing at their very best.


If you have the necessary equipment, this is one of the best ways to recover your stamina after a workout. Simply put, this method involves alternating between very hot and very cold showers. The theory behind this is that the temperature differences cause your body to alternate between constricting and dilating your blood vessels, in theory helping to remove waste (e.g., lactic acid) from tissues much faster. Although it’s recommended that you do this right after your workout, studies have found that this technique can be effective for up to two hours after the workout session.

In conclusion, you should try and remain mindful of your post-workout relaxation practices. As many people are ready to get stuck in and become healthier in 2021, especially after the events of the past year, you should also take time to consider how you will let your body recover afterwards in order to be able to perform at your very best!

Image Credits: Jonathan Borba

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