Top 4 Wedge Espadrilles for Your Wardrobe

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One pair of shoes or pumps is never enough. Seriously! There is so much to do and so many places to visit in a day, that having just a single pair of shoes may not always fit the bill. You need a pair of wedges for a party, a pair of trainers for your walk to the corner shop, and one pair of shoes that go with your professional look. So, you need at least 3 pairs of footwear to be ready for anything throughout your day.

There is one particular name that goes around a lot when it comes to footwear and that is wedges, especially espadrilles. Not many people know about the varied types of espadrille wedges. It’s time you stop restricting yourself with just one type of wedge and know more about the options you can find in the market. Let’s look at some of the most wearable types of wedges espadrilles that are perfect for every wardrobe.

What Are Espadrilles?

Espadrilles, especially espadrille wedges, have been on the market for a long long time. Thy have been around for so long, that many people even question if they are still in fashion. Well, the answer to that question is a simple ‘yes.’ Espadrilles can come in several styles, including platforms and wedges. Espadrilles fit in every environment, be it professional, a party, or just for a stroll in the park. Hence, it is one of the go-to footwear options. Additionally, espadrilles are made by hand and were primarily developed not for fashion, but comfort, which makes them even more unique. You can find them in various colors at most shoe stores. You will find a pair of espadrilles that will blend with the current fashion, while others that can be your casual footwear.

Closed-Toe Espadrille Wedges

As the name suggests, closed-toe wedges are the ones with a closed toe but are open at the back. These are very fashionable and are most commonly preferred by people who love to party and show off, but who also like a little bit of comfort for their feet. You can wear these to a professional gathering or any sort of celebration with your favorite jeans and a white top. They also come in many colors, and sometimes the closed-toe area is a different color from the rest of the espadrille.

Cross Strap Espadrille Wedges

Cross strap espadrilles are also very common and are worn in a more casual environment. They have both the front and the back open, allowing your feet to breathe. The cross straps generally hold the shoe together. The downside of this is that if one of the straps breaks, it can damage the entire look of the wedge and mean that the shoe will be unwearable. You can rock a cross strap espadrille with your favorite skirt or jeans.

Knot Front Espadrilles

A mixture of both the strap and closed-toe, the knot espadrille covers your feet from the front and uses a buckle at the ankles to secure the shoe. The knot front comes in a variety of colors and looks beautiful with jeans and skirts. The only downside is that you need to spend some time wearing it to get used to the tightness of the buckle and to give you time to adjust it if necessary. It is also important to know that you cannot wear these once the knot or blend breaks as it is one of the most important element of the shoe. In other words, you need to be cautious. But, is it worth it? Yes! Upon wearing it, you’ll understand that it’s not just fashionable, but also really comfortable.

These are some of the types of espadrille wedges you can find on the market. Don’t restrict yourself with just one kind, be it knotted or cross strap espadrilles. Glance through all the options, and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Espadrilles are a must-have for your wardrobe, no matter what the occasion. It competes with your wardrobe so that you’re ready for anything, footwear wise, and have something comfortable to wear to give your feet a break. So, start shopping! Have fun!

Image Credits: Allyson Johnson

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