Top Options for Food Delivery in Corpus Christi

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Corpus Christi is the eighth-largest city in the state of Texas, sitting about a two-hour drive southeast of San Antonio.

It’s known primarily for its massive port; the Port of Corpus Christi is the fifth-largest in the United States. But it’s also home to plenty of tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, and great fishing piers.

And believe it or not, Corpus Christi is actually ahead of the curve when it comes to food delivery. Whether you live here already, are in Corpus Christi right now as a tourist, or planning to visit on business, you can get delicious grub delivered to your home, office, or hotel room at the snap of your fingers with

Let’s run down five of the top options for food delivery in Corpus Christi.

  1. Better Than Nothing Country Cafe

If you’re looking for hearty southern comfort food, then search no longer. Better Than Nothing Country Cafe has just the menu for you.

For lunch, they’re known for their rotating daily specials, including Monday’s Meatloaf, Thursday’s Pot Roast, and Friday’s Fried Catfish. If you want dinner, grab the house burger or perhaps go a little more exotic and try out the Frito Pie Burger.

There are plenty of other southern-style entrees and sides available, as well as delicious desserts like carrot cake or the Cobbler of the Day.

  1. Pete’s Chicken-N-More

Pete’s Chicken-N-More on South Port in Corpus Christi has your fried chicken needs covered when it comes to delivery.

From the standard two-piece fried chicken meal or chicken sandwiches (fried or grilled) to the chicken tender and chicken bites meals, there are plenty of options at Pete’s. There’re a few non-chicken items, too, including the Patty Melt Hamburger and fried seafood like catfish and shrimp.

Also, order any of the gigantic family-style meals, including the Family Tenders and Steak Fingers meal or the 8, 12, or 16-piece chicken dinner.

  1. Baldwin Food Mart

Looking for a restaurant that will deliver a wide variety of foods to satisfy the taste buds of the entire crowd? Check out Baldwin Food Mart.

Baldwin serves Tex-Mex food (chicken enchiladas, carne guisada), Asian cuisine (chicken lo-mein, Hunan chicken), American (hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, hot dogs), and a variety of sides, including onion rings, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, egg rolls, and more.

  1. Mo Meaux’s Kitchen

Mo Meaux’s Kitchen feels like an establishment plucked out of the French Quarter in New Orleans and dropped right in the middle of Corpus Christi.

There is a variety of mostly Cajun cuisine available, from gator bites to boudin balls, from calamari to crawfish and crab cakes, and including fried fish, chicken, shrimp, and oysters.

For lunch, consider the fantastic Poboy & Soup combo, choosing between a fish or shrimp poboy.

  1. Crawdaddy’s Downtown

Are you in downtown Corpus Christi but wanting a real taste of the coast? Crawdaddy’s downtown has you covered.

Check out the lunch specials, which include fried catfish, seafood gumbo, fried shrimp, and crab-stuffed jalapenos. For dinner, there are plenty of Cajun selections and poboys to choose from, including a full selection of boiled seafood that includes shrimp and crawfish.

If you weren’t sure about there being enough to choose from when it comes to delivery in Corpus Christi, well, you probably don’t feel that way anymore!

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