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There are various ways to store your gun. However, none of these many ways is as secured as a biometric gun safe. If your guns must be kept away from criminals, you will need to take advantage of all that a biometric safe offers.

Biometric gun safes make use of digital locks and are only accessible when they read the right fingerprint.  With this safe, you do not have to cram passwords of patterns.

That being said, if you want to purchase a biometric gun safe, this article contains tips to help you out. Read on to find out what these tips are.

Accepted Fingerprints

Various biometric gun safes have different limits on the number of fingerprints that they allow. Some biometric gun safes allow just a couple of authorized fingerprints. However, some allow many authorized fingerprints. Now, the fact that one biometric gun safe allows just a few authorized fingerprints does not make it any better than a biometric gun safe that allows lots of authorized fingerprints.

So long accepted fingerprints is concerned, the ideal type of biometric gun safe is dependent on what your needs are.  If you want just a few people to be able to have access to your firearm, then you should purchase a biometric gun safe with a few accepted fingerprints. However, if a certain firearm is to be used by a fairly large number of people, then it is best to purchase a biometric gun safe with several accepted fingerprints.

Fail Rate

There are times biometric gun safes fail. When this happens, it can be followed by a disaster. To ensure that you do not have to deal with any disaster associated with a biometric gun safe failure, you have to look out for the fail rate of a particular biometric gun safe before going ahead to make a purchase. Once you know the fail rate of various biometric gun safes, you should purchase the biometric gun safe with the lowest fail rate.

In addition to purchasing a biometric gun safe with the lowest fail rate, you can make the best choice when buying a biometric gun safe when you buy from a reliable brand.

Backup Keys are Important

Technology is great. It, however, fails occasionally. When purchasing a biometric gun safe, you must always think about the fact that there is a likelihood of the technology behind the biometric gun safe to fail. While the likelihood of this occurring reduces with reliable brands, it can happen to virtually every brand.

To ensure that you always have access to your gun whenever you need it, when buying a biometric gun safe, you should buy one that comes with backup keys.


Not everyone is very tech-savvy. If you are not tech-savvy, you should look out for how user-friendly a biometric gun safe is before going ahead to buy one. You should avoid buying a safe that you need to rack your brain thoroughly before you are able to find your way around it.

Some biometric gun safes need you to spend several minutes before you can get your fingerprints registered. There are, however, certain biometric gun safes that you can register your finger on in just a few minutes.

When making use of a biometric gun safe that is user-friendly, you do not need to do so much to register your fingerprints. You simply need to place your finger on the scanner. After doing this, a green light will flash. This will record your fingerprint and you are ready to make use of the biometric gun safe.

Various biometric gun safes need different durations to register your fingerprint. However, the best biometric scanners can register your fingerprint in seconds.


Although no one expects bad things to happen to them, it is always preferable to be prepared for any bad occurrence. Bad occurrences happen very fast. The implication of this is you should be able to have access to your firearm in the shortest time possible. With this in mind, you should buy a biometric gun safe that opens in a very short time. If you go for one that takes time to open, you might not be able to defend yourself.

Look Out for Portability

Portability is one feature you need to look out for when buying a biometric gun safe. This is especially important if you will be moving from place to place with your biometric gun safe.

While purchasing a biometric gun safe that is portable, you should not purchase one that is too small to accommodate all your guns. A portable biometric gun safe has to be big enough to accommodate your guns and small enough to be moved around easily.

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