Top Tablet Tech Issues and How To Fix Them

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Say you’ve just bought a brand new tablet, maybe because you’re working from home. You’ve been using it to make video calls and read articles for weeks, but now suddenly you’ve got some tech issues. “But it’s brand new!” Fortunately, it’s easy to fix many of the issues with your tablet on your own without spending any money at all.

Battery Life

You’ve likely had this issue with some device in your life before: an old laptop doesn’t hold a charge anymore, maybe a phone battery dies too quickly. The answer could be quite simple and often silly-obvious.

User Error

Technical issues caused by user error are so common, there are several jokes about it (hopefully nobody ever said they fixed an ID-10T error for you). If your tablet is not charging or charging slow, you first want to make sure it is plugged in and that the charger itself is not faulty.

This simple advice works across both Apple and Android tablets. However, if your iPad won’t charge, your issue could be because of Apple specific software updates or charging adapters.

If your device’s battery is draining too fast, however, check your power settings. GPS, animated wallpapers, syncing, and apps that run in the background all might be taking a toll on your battery without you realizing it.

Unresponsive Screen

A screen that is unresponsive in spite of all your tapping and swiping is usually caused by a software glitch and is fixed by performing a “soft reboot.” Holding the power button down usually forces your device to restart. This guide from Apple offers some iPad tech support, while this guide offers some Samsung tablet tech support.

Restarting your tablet this way allows the device to “clear its head,” so to speak and free up more memory for important tasks. When it restarts with a fresh memory, most software glitches will be resolved.

Other Tech Issues

Other common tablet issues could be loss of audio, lost wi-fi or Bluetooth connections, or syncing issues. Believe it or not, the classic “turn it of, turn it on again” trick often solves these problems too.

These types of issues are often caused by outdated software, so it is important to let your device install these. Change your tablet’s settings to automatically update both the operating system and installed apps.

Back That Thing Up

In the unlikely event, your table suffers some cataclysmic tech issue, like getting wet, you want to make sure your important data is backed up. Cloud storage services like iCloud and Google Drive are great ways to save photos and files off your device.

Fix My Tablet

Most tablet tech issues aren’t hard to fix and you can usually do it yourself without spending any money. Try these and search the internet for your exact tablet model and the specific issue you’re having. Manufacturer’s websites and tech blogs like Fruit Fixed are always great places to start.

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