Top Tips On How You Can Increase Your Home Office Space

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So, you’ve decided to finally clean up your home office. Not because it looked so terrible before – but because it’s simply not working for you anymore. You have a pile of ideas and projects that need to be worked on – but you haven’t been able to work on them for months now. The reason? Your office was too cluttered to even start!

Here Are Some Tips on How You Can Increase Your Home Office Space

Place A Freestanding Bookshelf Right Next to Your Desk

So you can store all of those reference materials and manuals that you rely on for work directly near the place where you need them most, and so they’re always in close reach.

Set Up a Rolling Cart

Don’t limit yourself to storing only things under your desk: anything that doesn’t fit easily into one of your shelves or drawers can be put into a mobile cart that will sit beside or behind your workspace, wherever it’s most convenient for you to access it from.

Install An Extra Power Outlet

This is especially important if you use more than one desktop computer at the same time. That way, you can keep your equipment plugged in at all times without having to worry about not having enough power to run your laptop or tablet computer.

Install A Cabinet with Doors

If you use a wall-mounted desk and tend to store things directly on top of it (such as framed photos), any messiness will be displayed for all of the world to see! Instead, install a cabinet with doors, give yourself some privacy, and ensure that everything is neatly tucked away inside where no one will ever see it again.

Put Shelves Right Where You Need Them

If you have limited desk space but lots of wall-mounted shelf space, utilise that instead and buy garage shelving! It’s just one more way to expand your personal workspace without having to buy more things.

Make Your Desk Self-Contained

If you’re using a laptop, there’s no reason for you to connect it to another desk surface (such as the edge of your bed). Invest in an adjustable desk or table that works well with laptops, and keep everything neatly organised without needing any extra equipment.

Think Vertically

Many desks are designed so that they look good on the lower levels but become less useful as they rise upwards. But by simply installing a few shelves and placing your monitor on top of them, you can solve this problem once and for all!

Look Up

Don’t underestimate the space above your head: this is often where people store things that they rarely use (like old mugs), so it would be much more efficient to put these objects away and utilise that area properly instead. You could even install some new lighting or put some decorations there instead.

Maximise Space Utilisation

Think outside the box: instead of having lots of little objects all-around your desk (which can be hard to fit anyway), why not use one large object like a filing cabinet or clothes rack? Not only will this free up some desktop space, but it will also allow you to store much more inside than just folders.

Make It Pretty

Don’t neglect comfort and convenience simply because you’re trying to save space: consider putting in an ergonomic chair to sit on while you work, as well as utilising other elements designed with your well-being in mind (such as a floor mat for standing desks or wrist pads). You can search online for the likes of relaxing chair Austrialia to find top quality ergonomic chairs.

Image Credits: Ken Tomita

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