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The circumstances of COVID meant many of our summer holiday plans got cancelled or put on hold. That doesn’t mean you have to go the whole year without a holiday. Winter is just around the corner, and while the weather will be colder in the UK, there are many destinations with the sun still shining.
To help you decide where to go, here’s a brief overview of some of the top green or amber list destinations to visit for some winter sun.

Before You Travel

Considering COVID-19 and Brexit, it’s essential to take some time to understand and prepare all the important documents and insurances you will need for your trip. If you choose to travel within Europe, we recommend getting your global health insurance card (GHIC). This card allows all UK citizens access to state-funded health services the European Union countries provide. You can apply for your GHIC online, so make this part of your travel preparation leading up to your trip.


Arguably, one of the most famous destinations for a winter holiday, Barbados is home to endless sandy beaches, tropical waters, and luxury hotels. It’s no wonder that many travellers find themselves returning year after year.


If you’re dreaming of escaping to the Caribbean, Antigua is one of the most popular destinations offering 100 square miles of paradise with a diverse array of landscapes. Whether you want pure relaxation or an exciting adventure, you’ll be taken care of.
One of the most popular ways to explore Antigua is by boat, given the island’s clear blue waters. Perhaps you could sail away your winter on a yacht or venture into the hidden coves and bays you’ll find along the way. Ending the year in Antigua would be total bliss considering all it has to offer.


One of Europe’s most popular winter holiday destinations, Tenerife is one of the closest to the UK, offering a convenient flight time for families. With average temperatures of 22C in winter, the climate isn’t as hot as some of the more long-haul destinations, but at least that means you won’t constantly be seeking the comfort of the shade.
Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz, offers the family more than enough shopping, dining and entertainment to stay busy.


Dubai is renowned for its heat, but these temperatures fall slightly in winter, making it more comfortable for tourists. Dubai is the epitome of luxury with an incredible range of 5-star hotels, world-class shopping, and top-end dining. Not forgetting it’s home to some of the world’s most famous beaches.
You can take yourself to the white sands of Jumeirah Beach for refreshing views of the sea and cityscape behind. Otherwise, you could venture into the desert dunes or relax in a rooftop spa overlooking the city.


Finally, with soaring temperatures and pristine beaches, Mauritius deserves a spot as one of the top winter holiday destinations. Its colourful, majestic, and extensive oceanic life with unbeatable corals makes it a perfect place for diving and snorkelling.
Mauritius is the ultimate picture of paradise with an incredible choice of luxury resorts and boutique hotels within a stone’s throw from the white sands and blue waters. The island also offers a remarkable culinary scene because of its diverse culture. Expect colourful mouth-watering dishes full of flavour.

Image Credits: Brian Toppin

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