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So, you’ve trekked the most challenging, beautiful trails out there and camped like nobody’s business. Maybe you’re tired of camping in the same large camping tent all the time and want a change. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing in the hiking world, it’s time to pack up that Chevy Colorado pickup truck and hit the great outdoors for some truck bed camping. For those unfamiliar with the out-of-box (more like, out-of-truck) activity, have no fear. Here is your go-to guide to truck bed camping.

Why should you truck bed camp?

The reasons to truck bed camp are wide-ranging and endless. For starters, it’s a money saver. You don’t have to worry about paying to park your truck. In general, RV parks and campsites require a staying fee, but with a truck, you have the liberty to find your own free spot thanks to your smaller size and mobility. Another benefit of truck camping is the flexibility it allows. You can truly take on the pick-up-and-go spirit as well as become more spontaneous since your truck can take you to different locations you may have not traveled to by foot. Last but certainly not least, with truck bed camping, you can truly appreciate a no-frills way of living, where you’re forced to pack light and smart and make do with all that you’ve got in your truck. Some people prefer to have just air mattress with frame for camping. They can feel like they are at home bed. The experience can bring some enlightenment to those trying to go off the grid and get in touch with the simple things in life.

Truck Camping Strategy

Although the idea of truck bed camping is pretty basic to grasp, in order to make it worthwhile, there is some strategy involved. The first aspect you need to think about is sleeping arrangements. Invest in a proper truck bed tent that’s weather proof yet flexible enough for easy setup and take down. Also think about what kind of mattress pad you’ll want to sleep on that’s compact yet comfortable to give you the good rest you’ll need. Then, comes how you’ll fit everything in your truck bed. Storage strategy and arrangement is key to truck bed camping success. There are many routes to take. One ideal way to make everything fit is to build a raised platform where your truck bed mattress could sit on top of a board while your gear and equipment lie beneath it. This will help keep your sleeping space and gear separated and organized.

Make sure to do regular maintenance on your vehicle and to give it a once-over before you set off, the last thing you want to do is break down in the middle of nowhere. If you do need any spare parts and you’re into Mazda cars, mercifully you can visit to find a good deal.

Weatherproof Your Truck Camping Experience

As with regular, traditional camping, you never know what kind of weather you’re face during truck bed camping. It’s important to come prepared by weatherproofing the truck itself, making sure all crevices are sealed, think – a durable truck bed cover as well as weatherproof gear. Bring a waterproof jacket, both for cold and for rain, along with the right kinds of boots with grips for any muddy situations. You’ll also want to think about separating wet items from dry items. For example, if it rains and your clothes get drenched, make sure you bring plastic bags dedicated for wet clothes to place them in so that they don’t make the rest of the truck wet. Additionally, store your items that absolutely cannot touch water, like a smartphone or lamp in a safe spot, perhaps in the glove compartment so that they can remain fully functioning throughout your camping trip.

Pack the Necessities

Be sure to pack essentials first so that you don’t forget them once you hit the road. Think – jugs of water for drinking and for washing up, and non-perishable food along with the cooking equipment you need (perhaps a mini charcoal grill with some charcoal to match). Also equip your car with a spare tire, battery jumper cords and an extra tank of fuel in case you get stranded. And to stay warm at night, bring enough puffy camping blankets and sweatshirts—you never know how cold it can get, and when temperatures drop at night, you’ll want to remain warm to stay healthy.

Keep it Clean

Think of your truck as your new home. With tighter living quarters, it’s even more important to keep it as clean as possible during your stay in it. Try to wash off any gear that’s gotten dirty before putting it back into the truck to prevent debris from building up within. To add, try to put things where you originally placed them to ensure that items don’t go lost. A clean truck bed makes for a good start to the day, so keep it that way so you can focus on the adventures ahead.

Now that you’ve got the 101 on truck bed camping, it’s time to head out and explore the outdoors by wheel. Live it up, soak in nature as it was intended and enjoy the ride, all out of your truck.

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