Understanding How to Restore Windows’ Clarity

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Learning how to restore windows’ clarity is one of the challenging task when it comes to home maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t learn it. With so many products out there that you can use, all that you need to know is how to use them on your windows.

The products are manufactured by different manufacturers and they range from those used for cleaning, removing scratches, for repairs and for polish protection as well as UV protection. In this piece we will show some of the common windows Oakville products and how to use them in restoring the clarity of your windows.

  1. Armada

If you are looking for a polish cleaner for your recently installed Oakville Windows and Doors, we recommend that you go for Armada. It is an excellent window cleaner for cleaning and polishing your vinyl windows. If will leave your windows clear and add a protective cover that is anti-scratch and anti-mist.

If you have old windows that have scratches, you would want to go for Armada 210 Plus. This comes with a mild abrasive element that performs exceptionally well when it comes to eliminating dirty residue and fine scratches. To apply it on your window glass, use a dry rag.

  1. 3m

This vinyl window cleaner product is applied in two-step process and does an excellent job in eliminating stains, grime, dirty and thick liquids on your window pane. It is a top-rated cleaner and preferred by most homeowners for ease of use.

After applying the cleaner in the first process, the second step encompasses application of 3M Marine Plastic Polish. This is a very thick cream in white color that removes any stagnant residue and leaves a protective and shiny surface. The product comes with restorative carnauba wax and mineral oils.

  1. 303 Aerospace Protectant

Before you use this one, you should master how to restore windows’ transparency by use of inflammable products. The cleaner cleans and leaves a shiny surface that is UV protected thanks to its SPF 40 compound. However, you should renew it every month for better results.

Once you understand how to use it, it is easy to use, provides excellent protection and is affordable.

  1. Aquatec

Aquatec is a window cleaning solution that is quite effective in cleaning oils and residues from the glass. The liquid is meant to clean without ammonia, corrosive chemicals and alcohol. There is also a general polish that can clean paint, metals and gelcoat. This one is thick and dries slowly.

  1. Collinite

This has been used for years especially in industrial and marine applications where shinny and protective cover is needed. The cleaner keeps salt, dust and grime at bay and protects the glass from rain, bugs and sun rays.

It offers an excellent polish on any surface and its application is easy. It has an excellent track record and reasonably low price.

  1. Imar

Imar is a product of Strataglass Company. The company recommends only two polishing products; Strataglass Protective Polish and Imars Strataglass Protective Cleaner. The Strataglass Protective Cleaner gives your windows a clean and fine surface. If you have completed your window replacement Oakville, Imar recommends that you use this product for cleaning your windows.

The strataglass Protective Polish offers the same UV protection qualities as the latter one, but since it is thicker, the product adds a coating on the glass and make it look brighter and stronger. The company recommends that you remove the polish after four months and apply a new one.

  1. Plexus

When it was first developed, it was meant for cleaning airplane windshields but with time it was improved to extend its cleaning capabilities to cleaning multiple surfaces including windows glass. It is applied using its can where you spray a fine mist of transparent liquid on the glass surface.

  1. Mothers

If you are learning how to restore windows’ clarity, this is a good product to start experimenting with. It is a one-step window cleaner that restores and polishes your window glass protecting it from UV light.

In conclusion, some brands such as Oakville Windows and Doors come with recommendations concerning the right cleaner and polishes to use. So always check the manufacturer’s manual before you buy a cleaner.

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