Upgrade Your Photos: Some of the Features of Adobe Lightroom

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One of the major concerns is that people are having difficulties in maintaining all of the photos that they take. While many apps are available in the app market, most of those apps lack the power and flexibility that Lightroom has. Lightroom’s editing tools are amazing, it’s not shocking that it is among the best photo editors available, there’s good reason that’s it been a standard for 13 years.

Lightroom has a facial recognition feature that can help the users to search for photos of particular people. You can do it by inserting tags for every portrait that you take. After tagging familiar people a lot of times, the software can now suggest matches.

If you want to search for a good friend, or pictures of your family, you can launch Lightroom and find their name there. The software can also retrieve all the images with the same face in the system. Besides Lightroom’s features, you can also check this out if you want to know how to use Lightroom.

Creating Presets

With the help of Lightroom, saving any photo adjustments is now easier. Keeping many presets will let you apply similar edits to other photos with just a click. This process saves more of your time.

It makes applying filters to a particular photo easier. Users can also make a lot of presets to save more time and easily experiment with many looks. Using the same presets will allow your photos to have a more consistent look. It is also an essential part of making recognizable edits, and it is a useful trick to maintain your Instagram status.

Batch Processing of Images

When you are using the panel for Quick Develop, you can process by batch and put presets to many pictures at once. If you have some images overexposed, you can select all of them to simultaneously correct them. By bath processing the photos, you will have more time for fine-tuning the photographs later.

Intuitive User Interface

It’s easier to navigate between photos in the Develop section. You can also use this for for viewing thumbnails in your Library grid view. The interface of the Develop section makes the workflow smoother. The software tools are grouped by their function to make users more efficient when working through the adjustments.

Easy Movement Adjustment Settings

Aside from batch processing, there are more ways to do similar edits to multiple photos. You can now move the adjustment settings to the new image with just a click.

Just click the “Previous” button in the Develop section and you are done. That feature alone enables you to go by image groups more efficiently. Users can also copy the settings to many images in one click so that editing will be faster.

Easy to Crop Photos

With the cropping tool of Lightroom, it’s now effortless to crop your photos creatively into the ratio that you want. Users are also able to straighten their pictures in just a few moments with its straighten tool.

You can also click and drag with any horizontal or vertical line, and your photos will be rotated and cropped automatically. It might look like a common feature of a photo editor, but you will find those tools useful and helpful in editing.


Now that you have some idea about what Lightroom is capable of, maybe you can research further to see how far the rabbit hole goes! There are a lot of things that you can do with Lightroom if you can only master using it. So, make the most out of it and blow the minds of your Instagram followers!

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