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Some schools have to work with a limited budget and budget cuts, and fundraising means that schools will have more funds for things like school supplies for students, sports equipment, extracurricular activities, arts programs, and so they can donate to whatever charities they support. Participating in school fundraisers can bring people together and can be fun for the students, staff, parents, and alumni. Since COVID-19 has had a damaging effect on most schools and has been the catalyst for distance learning, here are a few virtual school fundraising ideas.


Crowdfunding is the simplest way to raise funds for a school. Set up a donation page and send the link out to students, parents and alumni so they can support the school. Make sure you set clear goals so everyone knows what their pledges are going towards and try to come up with interesting rewards for people…

Open an Online Shop

Setting up an online shop with merchandise featuring the school crest and motto on them is also a simple way to raise money for a school. People may be interested in buying them to support the school and as reminders of their time there.

You could also host a virtual competition among the students and ask them to design t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tote bags, mugs, calendars, and stickers and other merchandise. The winners would have their designs featured on the school’s online shop. Parents and alumni will be more willing to show support for their friends and family members by buying a piece of merch designed by them.

Virtual Competitions, Challenges and Games

The school could host virtual competitions and charge £1 for people to vote for the student they’d like to win. You could host competitions for the students, like best costume, best dressed pet, best iced cake, and best nature photograph taken in their back yard.

Schools can host readathons and students ask their family and friends to sponsor them for every book read. You could also collect a baby picture from each member of staff and have the students match the baby picture to the person. To take part, students must pay a small fee.

Schools could also have activities where students and their families have to work together to win a competition. This will promote bonding between family members, especially siblings. You can learn more about it here.

Virtual Meet-and-Greets

Schools can contact local celebrities or authors and ask them to participate in virtual meet-and-greets with the students, parents and staff. This can be hosted on Zoom or another platform and people can be charged to join.

Virtual Tombola

Tombolas have been a part of school fundraisers for a very long time. Schools can ask for people to donate prizes and reach out to local businesses to donate gift vouchers or discount cards. Tombolas can be done virtually and work the same way. People can pay for as many raffle tickets as they want and the winners will receive their fabulous prizes!

Donate Your Commute

This is something that staff and parents can take part in. Because some children and adults are learning and working from home, they don’t need to spend money each week on travelling to and from school or work. Encourage staff and parents to donate the money they would have spent on petrol or public transport during their weekly commute.

Virtual Tea and Coffee Morning

Schools can host a virtual tea and coffee morning for staff and parents. They can sit down with a cup of tea or coffee during a virtual meeting and use this time to discuss the quality of the students’ education, how teachers can improve student engagement, and how parents can support their children outside of school and during distance learning. Staff and parents can even discuss further fundraising opportunities for the school and any other subjects that may arise. Parents can be charged a small fee to join.

Additional school funding can make all the difference to children’s education. Countries like Canada have shown how increasing spending on schools has improved their education system. Click here to learn more about it. Now that you have several school fundraising ideas, it’s time to put them to practice. Good luck on your future fundraising endeavours!

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