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Being a good dog owner is one thing, but being a responsible one is another. With the current climate as it is, with COVID-19, and all the government regulations surrounding it, it is difficult for people to go anywhere they want to or do anything they like. The idea of quarantine and self-isolation has attracted many people to get a four-legged companion for themselves, to spend time with when they are confined in their homes.

This has led to a spike in numbers of pet adoptions and pet store purchases of anything from gerbils to dogs and rabbits. Either people are considering it, or have already gotten themselves a furry friend, and that is an amazing thing because pets can teach us so much and the list of possibilities is endless, but that is an article for another time.

But not everyone is clued up about how to be a responsible pet owner, especially if it is your first time adopting one. So, this article will provide you with a glimpse of some important information to keep in mind when you join the ‘pet club’.

Before you Adopt

For those who are thinking about it. Let’s dive into a few considerations.

Lifestyle Evaluation. When we consider going away on holiday, we always evaluate things such as what dates to book off work, which region is the most suitable to go to, what the weather conditions will be like, if you should rent a car or not and so on. Similarly, when you decide to get a pet, especially if it’s your first one, you need to evaluate some things.

If you have a busy lifestyle packed with things such as work, hobbies, and the kind of activities you like. If you’re away from home more than you are in it, you will need to either rethink the decision or choose a dog that you can take with you.

Nowadays the increase in pet-friendly offices has dramatically increased, and perhaps you can take your pooch with you to work.

Make A List. When you go to the grocery store, a lot of us make a list of things we need so that we don’t waste our time walking down each aisle grabbing things we don’t need. Much in the same way, you should make a list of the special qualities you want in a dog.

Because every dog is different in terms of size, grooming needs, levels of energy, temperament, and training needs. Better to make sure you know the kind of dog you want, rather than having to take it back after a week. It can be heart-breaking. An example list of pet dog breeds can be found here:

Getting Referrals. This is one of the important points because depending on where you are getting your dog, either the RSPCA or a pet breeder, it is important to know where it is coming from because it needs to be an ethical and responsible breeding source. There are tons of online breeder referral websites, and you can also ask your friends, neighbours, or family for a few.

An Old Dog Is A Good Dog.  A lot of times getting an older dog is your best bet. Puppies may not be for every person due to the amount of attention that needs to be paid to them for everything. It would ultimately depend on your lifestyle; however, older dogs are usually always screened for their health and would have been neutered or spayed already.

Be Patient. Patience is key in this type of big decision. Getting a dog is like getting another family member and adopting a child. You need to wait for the right one to come along. A good dog is always worth the wait.

Buy Everything You Need. Save yourself the trouble and buy all the necessities before the little guy comes home. You need to make him as comfortable as possible with his new home. Don’t forget to ‘dog-proof’ your home as well.

There are tons of informative websites for dog owners that have a lot of information on the type of accessories to buy such as collars and leashes, carry bags for smaller dogs when taking them outdoors, toys, apparel, just to name a few. Pet Dog Pals and can help narrow down your shopping list to make sure you purchase only the necessary items rather than going AWOL at the pet store. It is always tempting to buy ten different toys for your little one!

Dog, cat and chicks

After You Adopt

Now that you’ve brought your pooch home. Pay heed to a few further things below.

Let It Adjust By Itself. The first time for any pet can be daunting. They may be frightened or uncomfortable with their new environment or even homesick. First show him where his food and water are, and then also where his bed is. After which you should leave him alone to do his thing. Give it time, he will adjust.

Name Him. This is the fun part. Throw a few names at him and see which he responds to the best. Sometimes they already have been given a name from the breeder, which saves you from doing this step.

Introductions, If Any. If you have other pets, introduce him to them and also to the house itself. Take him around and show him things in the house. With the other pets, let him take his time to adjust to them, but make sure you introduce everyone properly.

Apart from that, the only other advice we can give you is to make sure you look after it, keep him healthy, don’t overfeed him, or give him candy. Take him for regular walks and to explore the neighbouring areas and treat him as your best friend because he will be.

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