What is an eSim and how will it change your life?

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Mobile phones have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. It is not that long ago that we actually bought them primarily to be able to make phone calls on the move. When they were the size of a brick, the only game we could play was snake and if we were lucky we could download a polyphonic ringtone.

When the best thing about our mobile phone was being able to change the cover, who thought that one day we would be able to use them to track our fitness, find a date or shop for a new outfit? Now, making a call been replaced with face timing and instead of sending a text we write on a wall, send a tweet or take a Snapchat. The possibilities are endless!

However, during all these changes and advancements surrounding mobile phones, not much has happened with the sim card, or not much that we are aware of, anyway.

In fact, although we wouldn’t have a working phone without one, we don’t really think too much about the sim, probably because we can’t see it. We need it to identify us to our network provider, change phone number and data plan, but aside from that the sim is seemingly irrelevant. When choosing a phone the most important thing to the user is what it looks like and what features will be available to us.

However, all that is about to change as the sim card is replaced with the e-Sim.

The e-Sim, or electronic sim, is rumoured to be arriving with the next generation of Apple smartphone, the iPhone 7. Ultimately this will allow consumers to switch provider and plan without having to get a brand new sim, which can take time and cost a fee in some cases.

This new sim will come in the form of an embedded sim card; one that cannot, but also need not, be removed from devices. The information on it will be compliant or rewritable by all operators, meaning users can change theirs simply by making a phone call. Basically the e-Sim will be completely standardised across manufacturers. There will be no swapping over of sims as a new one will not be required and as a result there will be no time delay.

Will these simless smart phones change your life? Maybe not! But it will make your transition between mobile phone providers smoother and simpler. Not only will you not need to go to a phone shop or wait for a new sim to arrive in the post, you will also be able to upgrade your account from a pay-as-you-go plan to a contracted one with minimum effort. Likewise, it will also be easier to swap between devices when you upgrade.

Although we can’t be sure exactly what these new simless phones will be like, at least we know if anything goes wrong with it we can approach Lovefone.co.uk and have it fixed in no time!

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