What Is Crystal Healing, and Can I Do It Myself?

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If you are interested in the concept of crystal healing, what crystal healing is, which crystals are the most powerful, and how to use crystal healing on yourself—then you are in the right place.

From placing crystals around your home to wearing crystal flesh tunnels—there is something for everyone when it comes to this practice.

What are healing crystals?

A popular therapy involves placing gems on parts of your body that some people believe promotes regular body function and pulls out negative energy—crystal healing.

These practices have been used for millions of years and in multiple cultures.

It is believed that the crystals themselves become a tool that you use to move, absorb, and increase a person’s energies.

You can also place crystals around your home in specific areas to increase wealth, happiness, positive energy and ward off negative energy.

Do I need somewhere special to keep my crystals?

Where you keep your crystals is up to you. Many people choose to wear a few of the stones that they feel the most drawn to in rings, necklaces, and earrings.

You can choose to keep your healing crystals in a bag so that they are all in one place and easy to transport.

Many people keep their crystals in a particular place so that they can soak up the moonlight, sunlight and are on display.

If you spend a lot of time in one place, say a work desk, this is ideal for having your personal crystals.

You might just find yourself reaching for the right one at the right time without even thinking about it.

This is a personal choice.

What crystals should I buy first?

Several stones are highly recommended for people who are just starting to buy and work with crystals.


There are many types of quartz, however, rose and clear are highly recommended. Clear quartz is for clarity, positivity, and balance. Rose quartz is known as the love stone and brings happiness and low to you.


If you are looking for a boost of luck in your life, these little green stones are good for attracting money, peace, and good fortune. Need a career boost? Hold on to a piece of the stone.


One of the most common start stones and used for so many different things. It can help you create healthier habits, enhances intuition, and increases your spirituality.

Do I have to use large stones for it to work?

Ideally, you want to invest in stones that have a decent size to them. Think of them like a cup. The bigger the cup, the more it can hold, and the more you can drink from it.

Smaller stones are fine if that is what your budget allows for, but the bigger, the better.

How can I use my healing crystals?

Once you have decided which crystals will bring the most to you, and even some that have properties related to specific health needs—it is time to use them.

The first thing you can do with any of your crystals is to hold them or place them around you as you meditate.

If you wish to do a specific crystal chakra layout, here is the order:

  • Crown (head/above head) clear quartz, diamonds, amethyst
  • Third eye (forehead) moldavite, black obsidian, or amethyst
  • Throat (throat) lapis lazuli, amazonite, turquoise
  • Heart (chest/over heart) rose quartz
  • Solar plexus (where ribcage meets stomach/solar plexus) yellow jasper, citrine, lemon quartz
  • Sacral (below the belly button) amber, tiger’s sys, carnelian
  • Root (base of the spine) red jasper, red calcite, hematite

You can choose which stones feel right for you and place them on your body.

You can also use crystals for massage purposes.

Many brands have created jade, rose quartz, and amethyst massage tools, and facial tools.

These can be used by yourself, or another may use them on you.

You can set intentions on each stone too. Use the stones for luck and wealth as a driving force for luck and prosperity in your career. Use rose quartz to help bring peace and self-love.

What happens after I use the crystals?

It is time to charge them up. Some crystals will need to be cleansed; some will need to be left in the moonlight or sunlight to charge.

You can do this every few days to make sure that they are well kept. If you hold any of your stones or try to wear one in jewelry form and it doesn’t feel right, they might need to have a salt bath to cleanse the negativity.

Image Credits: Sarah Brown

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