What is SPC Hybrid Flooring?

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Every beautiful house needs a beautiful floor. It’s the cherry on top, the ‘pièce de résistance’ of every household. Great flooring can make or break a home. A slightly off floor can alter the theme of a house. Therefore it is essential to choose the flooring very carefully. There are inexpensive options, such as laminate flooring. Although the new and extremely innovative option that is more than worth the consumer’s hard-earned cash is hybrid flooring.

Why Every House Needs SPC Hybrid Flooring

This flooring is what every house needs to install to elevate one’s home’s entire aesthetic and give a look that every beautiful place deserves. SPC is an abbreviation for Stone Polymer Composite. It is made through engineered natural limestone and uses virgin PVC, which is a big part of making the flooring much superior compared to the alternatives in the market.

SPC flooring is a necessity for every household, owing to numerous factors. It is stable and durable and can take all the damage the toughest, clumsiest people can dish out. It is resistant to heavy impact as well as to scratches and stains. It is ideal for household purposes and places with high and heavy foot traffic and commercial spaces. It is also very stable, so it can’t be eroded over time, unlike laminates and actual rock floors, giving it an edge over its competitors. It has a dense and rigid core that makes it resistant to changes due to temperature, like expansion in the summers and contraction in the winters. During most heavy moisture seasons regular flooring and laminates, especially between laminates’ gaps, there can be mildew and mould growth, and It can pose a potential health hazard and considerably decreases the overall property value.

SPC flooring is not susceptible to these threats as it is heavily resistant to them. It is also one hundred per cent waterproof, so the consumer can spill as much as they want.

These floors are incredibly gorgeous and can realistically mimic wood and stone in all the colours and stylings that not even a laminate can convincingly do. There is a range of ‘hydrotuffs’ that the consumer can choose to spice up the consumers’ house a thousand times. They are also straightforward to maintain, unlike laminates which require occasional cleaning. This flooring only needs to be lightly vacuumed and then occasionally mopped. They are also straightforward to install and hassle-free compared to the alternatives on the market. This flooring includes a cork backing which is sound-absorbing, so it helps whenever there is a craving for a midnight snack. These floors are also hypo-allergenic.

Flooring can be expensive and hectic to maintain while constructing a house and forming the foundation for any interior theme. Choosing and installing flooring can be cumbersome when homeowners do it by themselves. Hence, contacting a professional for the job is the smart thing to do as they can provide reliable and inexpensive SPC hybrid flooring, and it is a very sound investment and will be worth it from the get-go. Australian homes tend to have beautiful floors, and opting for SPC floors will help homeowners stay in line with this trend!

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