What is the Secret Behind the Appeal of Analog Watches in an Age of Smartwatches?

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Watches have transformed into multi-functional devices that do much more than just displaying time. We are living in an era when everything is measured in terms of smartness, and watches are no exception. The watch that you buy today has enormous capabilities in connectivity – you can connect it to your computer, smartphone and TV, your car and fridge, and even going to the extent of keeping your dog in the loop.

But still, the old-world charm of mono-functional watches like the analog watches of the good old days hold a place of its own in the hearts of chronograph lovers who swear by the utilitarian friendliness of the device. Casio Singapore understands the desire fully, and to respect their choice of niche, users have introduced watches with dual functionality – both LCD and analog.

Let’s try to discover the reasons behind the desire to own analog watches in a world dominated by smartwatches.

Be in your own space and time

Nowadays, watches have undoubtedly become smart by helping people to stay connected with the various facets of their lives, but in the process might have become intrusive too. The watch that you are wearing today will keep poking and prodding and never give you the individual space that you so badly need. The reminders of smartwatches will keep you on your toes, never letting you live in the space of your own without anybody disturbing you.  Owning an analog watch will cut off the unnecessary stress of chasing time like a mad man and instead let you listen to your mind and leisurely use time, keeping you stress-free.

High reliability

Those who use analog watches will vouch for its reliability. From cars to houses, there might be reasons for changing these at some interval, but with analog watches, you can carry on for years unless you are a fickle-minded fashionista.  The occasion of replacing batteries for analog watches will be between far, and few, and the simple device keeps performing with utmost reliability that will be a cause of envy for those with modern-day smartwatches.

Accuracy in punctuating time is irrelevant

Analog watches remind you of the days of our forefathers when expressing time in approximate value was the norm. The watches can make elders nostalgic about the days they had left behind when the world did not know the concept of expressing deft time with precision and accuracy, but approximation was good enough to fulfill the goals of life and enjoy a stress-free living. The near correct time displayed by analog watches gives peace of mind that is highly missing in today’s jet-set lifestyle.

An emotional viewing of time

Looking at a clock face is more pleasing visually as you see the hands moving and telling you about the passing time instead of looking at the lifeless digital displays of watches that seem too stern and bereft of emotion.

As the clock keeps ticking, the faint sound of movement reminds you of your heartbeat that tells you about the need to catch up with time.

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