When Chaos Ensues: 5 Steps to Take After an 18-Wheeler Accident

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Victims of 18-wheeler accidents must take immediate action to acquire compensation for their injuries. The findings of the accident investigation pinpoint the exact driver who is responsible for the accident. Reviewing 5 steps to take after an 18-wheeler accident shows victims what actions to take according to the findings of their accident.

  1. Contact Law Enforcement Immediately

Contacting law enforcement immediately enables all parties to report the accident and get assistance faster. The law enforcement officers complete an accident report, and they start the investigation into what caused the accident. Since the accident involved an 18-wheeler, it is necessary for a full investigation to take place to ensure that the driver followed all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation laws and regulations. Victims who are injured and need to start a legal claim contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer for more information right now.

  1. Get Medical Attention for Your Injuries

Getting medical attention to accident injuries gives the victim medical evidence of their injuries. When presenting a case in court, it is necessary for the victim to link their injuries to the accident. The medical findings must show injuries consistent with an 18-wheeler accident and offer details about how the injuries will affect the victim throughout their lives. Securing medical evidence for the accident injuries helps the victim show the court why they deserve compensation. Permanent injuries can get a higher monetary award if the victim suffered a serious loss.

  1. Get Insurance Information From the At-Fault Driver

Getting insurance information from the at-fault driver helps the victim file an insurance claim for their injuries and automobile repair costs. However, if the at-fault party doesn’t have adequate coverage, the victim won’t receive enough coverage. Any commercial drivers who cause an accident and don’t have insurance could face civil cases. Those who cause an accident while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances can face profound criminal charges.

  1. Get Estimates for Auto Repair Costs

Getting estimates for auto repair costs shows the court how much it will cost to repair the victim’s automobile. If it was a total loss, it is possible for the victim to receive enough compensation to replace it. However, when filing an insurance claim for the accident, it is necessary to obtain at least three estimates from licensed repair shops. The court determines how much is needed to repair or replace the automobile in a legal claim against the at-fault driver.

  1. Start a Legal Claim

Starting a legal claim helps accident victims seek compensation when the driver wasn’t insured. However, victims who have sustained more profound injuries may need to file a legal claim when the insurance maxes out. All financial losses related to the accident are calculated by the court, and a monetary award is provided if the victim wins their case. Tort-based awards are available for accident victims who have sustained more serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries. The tort-based awards for pain and suffering depend on the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Victims of 18-wheeler accidents must act quickly and file a legal claim if insurance coverage isn’t available. The accidents are more likely to cause serious injuries due to the weight and speed of the 18-wheeler. Victims need medical evidence to substantiate their claims against the at-fault driver. Reviewing vital steps to take after an accident educates victims about what steps to take next.

Image Credits: Jason Mitrione

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