Why Every Company Needs Information Security Specialists

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With increased online presence required by almost every business today to be successful, the amount of security needed to keep businesses safe online means there is a real need for specialists in information security. Here, Agile Recruit takes a look at the reasons these specialists are becoming more in demand.

Cyber threats and data risks

You may think that you are too small as a business to worry about cyber-attacks or that the risks are small with the provision you have in place, but cyber threats are continually evolving.

Businesses, large or small, need to be confident in their information security provision to protect themselves from outside intruder risks and insider threats such as:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Data theft
  • DDoS attacks

Data security breaches

While the above cyber security threats may pose a risk to your business’s day-to-day running, you also need to consider how they could cause data security breaches. It is a legal requirement for all organisations that they protect the personal data of staff and clients. A data breach incident could result in ICO fines or even legal action from those whose data has been breached if it has caused them material or non-material damage.

Cloud computing risks

Cloud computing is becoming even more widely used, with businesses preferring to store and process their business data in the cloud. But cloud computing is not without risk, as it leaves companies with less visibility and control. While the risk of cloud-based computing is not necessarily worth eschewing it in favour of physical servers on your business premises, such risks need to be mitigated.

Information security specialists could help you weigh up your options and mitigate those risks for you if moving to the cloud is the right decision for your business.

How can businesses help themselves?

You may consider that your existing staff or even your dedicated IT department are sufficient to have everything you need covered, but you may need to consider how they work. How much time do these staff members have to explore and protect your business from what may happen? And how much up-to-date knowledge do they have of the threats facing your business? The constant evolution of information technology and an increase in users worldwide mean that threats evolve even on a day to day basis.

Recruiting an Information Security Specialist or even a team of people whose job is to protect your business in the cyber world is becoming a real consideration for various companies.  If you are looking for a new role or want to hire a recruit for Information Security within your business, a dedicated recruitment agency can help.

Information Security Specialists are the answer

Reviewed and updated as your business grows. Information Security Specialists use their analytical skills to study computer systems and identify potential risks and consider possible defences and solutions before a threat turns into an attack. This makes good business sense; closing doors to cyber threats is a far more responsible approach than fighting the fire when it has started.

As a business, having dedicated experts in place working actively to identify and prevent threats is not the only benefit. If things go wrong, they could also help ensure you have an effective and up to date recovery plan should a physical or cyber disaster strike to ensure you get your business back on track with the minimum of disruption.

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