Why Non-stick Frying Pans Are Better

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Cooking is not only a necessity; it is also an art. All artists need a proper palette, and all chefs need proper utensils to cook their food. Also, the taste and the aroma of the food are dependent on the cooking utensils. With modern cooking, enhanced utensils are worth buying when you are thinking of both budget and durability. In this category, non-stick frying pans prove to be much easier to handle and offer a hassle-free cooking experience.

The Pros of Non-Stick Frying Pans

Positive non-stick frying pan reviews are just one reason why people prefer non-stick frying pans over any other kind of frying pan, so let’s look at the pros of using non-stick frying pans.

  • With a thick Teflon coating which helps the frying pan to be easily cleaned, it requires hassle-free maintenance and it is now a popular option around the globe.
  • The things you cook in it won’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Cooking in non-stick pans requires less oil, meaning you can quickly cook healthy meals.
  • Since the food is cooked on a medium heat, everything cooks evenly and the food will smell great.

The Essentials of Using a Non-Stick Frying Pan

Generally, non-stick frying pan reviews show the pros and cons of each product, which can make it difficult for buyers to choose which one to buy. But the main thing is to remember how non-stick pans differ from general stainless steel. Many reviews may highlight that stainless steel pans have been in use for longer than the non-stick ones and are a bit cheaper than the later ones. Pricewise, non-stick frying pans may cost a bit more than the normal frying pans, but they offer healthier cooking options and are quite durable. Non-stick frying pans need more maintenance than other kinds of pans and you’ll need to be careful while using them.

  • Firstly, always remember that when cooking with these frying pans, they should be kept on low or medium flame, as the high heat can damage the coating.
  • While using a non-stick frying pan, you should never heat it without any oil or butter in it. This will futher damage the Teflon coating and you may notice the burnt smell of the coating. The oil or butter will evenly grease the pan and prevent burning.
  • Finally, when the coating of the pan seems to be rough or starting to flake off, then this is a sign that your pan needs to be replaced, as more usage can damage the pan and it can become unsafe to cook with.

Keeping the above few pointers in mind will always help you to enjoy the best quality non-stick frying pan, making it more durable and easier to use. Nowadays, there are more eco-friendly non-stick pans available on the market, namely the Bialetti range or pans with ceramic coating. Both are highly recommended by professional chefs. So, now you can understand why non-stick frying pans are much better than ordinary frying pans; however, people will still prefer to cook in stainless steel pans. It’s just a case of personal preference.


Image Credits: Dana Tentis

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