Why Recycling Your Old Mobile is So Important

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The recycling of old mobile phones is important because of our worldwide ambition to protect the planet from waste and climate change. One of the ways I safely get rid of my phone is by selling my mobile online on eBay or any other online platform. When I sell online I not only get the opportunity to get rid of the phone, and waste that plagues the planet, but I also get the opportunity to make some extra money. Whether you sell online or give your cellphone away to those who may need it, it’s important to keep in mind the end goal of not having the waste from scrap telephones, also called e-waste, dumped in the environment.

Other than protecting the environment, other factors that make the recycling of mobile phones important are the fact that parts from recycled cellphones are used to make new products. These could be metals, plastics, rechargeable batteries or other new mobile phones. This helps in bringing down the cost of new mobile phones in the long run.

Studies show that the recycling of mobile phones also helps with the conservation of energy. For example, one recycled cellphone saves enough energy to charge a laptop for at least 44 hours. Statistics show that over 130 million phones are discarded every year, this means that if they were recycled, they could power over 23,000 homes each year.

The materials that go into making cellphones are mined in places like Congo in Africa. Despite concerns about the ethics surrounding the mining of coltan (which is used in the manufacture of cellphones), there would be significant savings on these minerals if recycling was to be done. You should note that this mineral is rare. The cutting down of mining would also reduce the destruction of the environment through dereliction. This is a phenomenon which occurs after excavated land from a mining site is left open. The net effect of this would be more land available for cultivation in the mining sites with an overall benefit of an improved environment.

The proper recycling of mobile phones can also help in preventing health issues as environmental pollution also poses serious health concerns among the populace. This is because some of the elements that go into the manufacture of cellphones can cause cancer. Mercury, which is another element found in cellphones, is known to be fatal to both humans and animals. If you are exposed to mercury, you will suffer sensory impairment, muscle weakness and memory loss.

If your mobile phone works, it can be shipped off to a charity in developing countries where people who cannot afford to buy cellphones can have access to second-hand cellphones at an affordable price. They can also acquire phones through charity in a bid to encourage connectivity between people.


The recycling of cellphones has immense benefits not only to the environment but also to the social-economic aspects of people around the world. This is because the owners of these old cellphones can sell them for income. Also, the people who may not be able to afford new cellphones, particularly in developing countries, can afford a good model at a reduced price. Recycling of phones also has the effect of preserving the minerals as manufacturers do not need to dig for coltan and silver to make new phones. Recycling of mobile phones has also been seen to make the prices of these phones much cheaper as no new minerals are mined.

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