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Telecommuting, or remote work, has rapidly been on the rise for several years. Once considered a workplace trend, remote work has become a norm for many companies, because it allows more flexibility for employers and employees, alike. One of the major perks? Happier, more productive employees.

Remote.co reported that the number of employees who telecommute has increased 30 percent in the past decade, and many of these workers believe they’re more productive than when working in a traditional work environment! So if you’re new to remote work, or beginning to consider the option, check out these locations for some of the best places to travel, live and work.

San Francisco, California

  • Cost of Living: $3,856/month
  • Internet Speed: 35 MBPS

Coffee shops abound in most populous cities, so what makes San Francisco any different? Well, not much, except there are a number of locations throughout the city that will let you camp out on their free WiFi without much, if any, hassle. As home to the innovative haven of Silicon Valley, it’s no wonder this California city is so tech-friendly and accommodating.

Although the cost of living is known to be high, San Fran offers plenty of culture and events. From Fisherman’s Wharf to Alcatraz and beaches to museums, there are many sites to see on this peninsular city. For nomads more interested in natural adventures, the city is only a few short hours from the Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite National Park, and California’s famous wine country.

Austin, Texas

  • Cost of Living: $4,232/month
  • Internet Speed: 80 MBPS

If you’re looking for funky, fun places to work, look no further than Austin, Texas. Although known for “keeping things weird,” this city is quickly becoming the next Silicon Valley. Full of millennials, tech start-ups and free WiFi hotspots, it’s no wonder nomads fall in love. From 24-hours coffee shops, like Monkey Nest, to bar and lounge joints, like Radio Coffee & Beer or Wright Bros. Brew & Brew, there’s a workspace to suit everyone.

Not only are workspaces abundant, Austin is a college town, which means finding affordable housing and plenty to do after-hours will never be an issue.

Hong Kong

  • Cost of Living: $2,008/month
  • Internet Speed: 100 MBPS

Although the cost of living is fairly high and WiFi isn’t guaranteed to always be free, Hong Kong is a fun and easy city to work remotely from. Full of bustling coffee shops and open-air cafes, you’ll be able to take in the sites while you diligently work through a morning or afternoon. According to NomadList, the city also has low taxes, great beaches and is home to many start-up companies.

Moscow, Russia

  • Cost of Living: $1,618/month
  • Internet Speed: 30 MBPS

Russia is a country full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes. From colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral to Red Square, the country’s capital offers tons of amenities and free WiFi locations. Although Russia is not everyone’s ideal location, the cost of living is comparatively low and offers better internet connection than you can expect in most US cities. Fill your free-time with museum tours, the ballet or walks along the river.

Cost of living and Internet speed info from NomadList.

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