World Record Holding Snowmen

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With so many people around the world hoping for great odds on White Christmas 2020, we thought it would be a great idea to look at some people’s snowmen creations, from the past, that have broken world records.

Read on to hear about some of the best world record breaking snowmen, ranging from the weird and the strange, to the most mind-blowing and amazing records that have been broken! Hold onto your woolly hats and scarfs – you’re about to get some serious snowman envy!

Tallest Snowwoman

Over the period of one month, Robin Zinchuk and other residents of Bethel, Maine, USA, worked together to build a record-breaking snow structure. The snowwoman measured a massive 37.21 (122 ft 1in) metres tall. The project was completed on 26 February, 2008, using 13 million pounds of snow! The snowy creation ended up being only a few feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty.

The group used three 5-ft-wide truck tyres as the buttons, the lips were crafted out of five red car tyres, the fleece hat was constructed out of 48-ft-wide and 8-ft-long chicken wire covered in painted cheese cloth, along with a 130-ft-long scarf to finish off the ensemble. So, it’s safe to say that a hell of a lot of work went into the construction of this mega snowwoman, who they aptly named Olympia.

Most Snowmen Built in One Hour

The record of the most snowmen built in one hour was made in Hokkaido, Japan. On the 28th of February, 2015, 1,408 people participated from the group “Drama 24 Unhandy Handyman” at the Zuriyama Observation Field, and in the one hour, they were able to achieve a mass of 2,036 snowmen.

It took the adjudicator almost two hours to verify and count the snowmen. To add to the seriousness of the setting or breaking of a world record, thirty stewards were also employed to ensure that the builders stopped using their tools as soon as the adjudicator signalled the end.

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Snow-people

In Lagao, Portugal, a group by the name of Centro Social e Cultural da Atalhada attempted to set this record as a celebration of Christmas. On 08 December, 2017, they managed to get together a massive 489 people, dressed as snow creatures.

They all met in a gymnasium, an adjudicator went round the room checking their outfits and counted exactly how many people were dressed as snow people. Once it had been verified and informed of the record, Christmas spirit continued and they all held a grand celebration. Whether or not they changed out of their costumes first, we’re yet to find out!

Largest Collection of Snow Globes

Wendy Suen from China started her collection of snow globes in 2000. She first set the record in 2005 with owning 904 snow globes, however, Wendy then went on to break her own record on the 27th November 2016. This time, the adjudicator counted and verified the number of snow globes in her possession, and found that there were 4,059!

So, who knows, Wendy Suen may even go on the break her own record again, so long as she keeps collecting!

Image Credits: Chris Darling

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