Your House Move: The Couple’s Quick Guide

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You’re actually going to move in with your partner to your dream home. Congratulations! Regardless of whether or not you’re going to move into a house you’ve bought, a house you’ve designed, or the house previously owned by parents and relatives, moving in isn’t exactly an easy process. However, this doesn’t mean it’s in any way impossible. Sometimes, all you need is a plan and teamwork. Here’s how you can make the dream work.

  1. Always consider location. Before you plan your move with your spouse or partner, make sure you’ve done a survey of the area around your new home. You’re likely familiar with the neighborhood of your new home, especially before your purchase. However, before you plan your move, try to check out other nearby locations there as well. What are nearby restaurants, malls, and recreational locations? Where are nearby hospitals and police stations? Is your location available for moving companies NYC? Identify these crucial zones as places to either hang out or go to in case of emergencies, as you can’t tell what might happen during the travel.
  2. Make an inventory of your belongings. Another extremely important aspect of the moving process is to ensure you have your belongings in order. This includes making an inventory of everything you own. As much as possible, have a list of the things you own in every room. You can include things like make and material, the cost, and even other useful notes. Having this in hand allows you to be aware of exactly what you own and what you might be bringing to the trip.
  3. Sell or give away things you don’t need. With your inventory in mind, try to find and locate the items you want to sell or give away. You can’t bring everything with you during the move, as this can be costly in terms of logistics. Selling some of your belongings can also greatly help save you some money. And throwing away some of the things you no longer want can also be a good way of letting go of memories you’re no longer interested in keeping.
  4. Buy packing materials together. Given your inventory and the list of the things you want to keep, you can now arrange the kinds of packing materials you may need during the move. Try to schedule one day you’ll use to buy all the materials you need. If possible, or if you have the budget, try buying twice of what you need so you don’t have to go back to the store for a second round of shopping.
  5. Set a proper schedule for packing. Just because you need to move doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice work or your bonding time with family. As much as possible, try to pack with your spouse or partner on a designated time. Try to dedicate a date day into a packing day, or try to schedule a family day into your personal packing day. This helps ensure your everyday routine isn’t hindered by your moving process.
  6. Avoid packing during move day. As much as possible, try not to pack anything during move day. This day is dedicated to making sure everything is in place, and you’re able to do anything you need to do to ensure everything goes smoothly. As much as possible, don’t rush packing here, as sometimes this is where wrong packing happens and can ruin some of the things you plan on bringing.
  7. Hire a moving company to make the move a success. One of the most important things couples don’t always consider when moving together is to hire a moving company. Long distance movers, such as Seka Moving Company, can actually be extremely helpful in the moving process, as they’re equipped with the right tools and skills in order to ensure your move is a success. This is especially if you have fragile belongings you want moved, as they can greatly help ensure you get to move them safe and sound.

Moving In As A Couple: Planning, Teamwork

You’ve surely been through a lot with your partner before you decided to move in, so you’ve likely faced a ton of problems together. Moving in together isn’t exactly a problem in itself, but it can be a bit hassling if you have yet to get the hang of the process. Thankfully, with the above tips, you can make moving with your partner a bonding experience you surely wouldn’t forget.

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