10 Homemade Cappuccino Recipes with a Professional Cappuccino Machine

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If you love coffee, then cappuccino is probably one of your favorite coffee drinks. Furthermore, you probably like to visit your favorite coffee shop now and then to purchase it. However, you don’t have to go out to purchase a cup. You can make it right at home. Here are 10 recipes on how to achieve this:

1st Recipe

The espresso and cappuccino machine that have a steam arm are important here. Put some milk in a jug then heat it using the steam arm. Keep track of its temperature. Adhere to your machine’s instructions on making espresso. Boil water then add the ground espresso. Then pour the mixture in a mug while adding the milk.

2nd Recipe

You’ll require espresso shots, milk, plus a cappuccino machine. Put the shots of espresso in a mug. Steam the milk then add it to the espresso. Once poured, cappuccinos are solely espresso plus foam. However, liquid milk settles to foam the cappuccino.

3rd Recipe – How to Make a Cappuccino with a Machine

Cappuccino with a chocolate design on top

Steam the milk using the steam wand of the home cappuccino machine for it to froth. Maintain the steaming until it gets to 65°C (use a thermometer) plus the volume increases by half. Make espresso in a mug then pour the foamed milk.

4th Recipe

10 Homemade Cappuccino Recipes with a Professional Cappuccino Machine 1

Brew the espresso. Foam the amount of milk you wish to use, keeping in mind that more foam is required as compared to steamed milk. Brew the espresso (whether single or double) using your automatic cappuccino into a cup. Swirl the milk to remove bubbles, then pour over the espresso.

5th Recipe

Preheat your cappuccino machine, then grind the coffee beans into fine particles. Brew the espresso. Then steam your milk (1/3 of the jug) using the machine’s steam wand to create foam. The milk volume will increase by 50%. Then pour the milk into the espresso.

6th Recipe

Use the best coffee machine for a cappuccino to grind your coffee beans to produce either a single or double shot of espresso. Pour the milk into a steaming chilled pitcher then use the steaming wand to foam the milk. Pour up the espresso with the milk.

7th Recipe – Using a Home Cappuccino Machine

Prepare the espresso. Then get rid of any water from the steaming wand. Froth your milk. Swirl the milk to get rich foam. Finally, add it to the espresso and the cappuccino is ready to drink.

8th Recipe

Ensure you possess the best coffee machine for a cappuccino. Prepare the machine. Pick the right high-roast coffee for making the espresso. Use the machine’s steam pipe to froth the milk. Finally, mix the frothed milk with the espresso.

9th Recipe

Steam your milk until bubbles become visible. Whip the milk using a mixer until the froth is formed. Grind your beans using the cappuccino machine. To make the espresso, mix 6 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of the ground coffee and brew. Then make the cappuccino. Add any sweetener, or try to make some coffee and cognac cupcakes.

10th Recipe

Grind the coffee beans for about 25 seconds using your espresso and cappuccino machine. Tamp the ground coffee into the portafilter. Then make the espresso. Utilize the machine’s steam wand plus frothing pitcher to froth milk, then pour it into the espresso.

Conclusion: There’s your cappuccino. With the information provided above, it’s not a must for you to be a professional barista to make a cup of cappuccino by yourself. For cappuccino fans, which process do you utilize to make it at home?

Image Credits: Mike Kenneally, Jannet Serhan, sonerkose

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