Garlic and Cheese Pizza Bread Recipe

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These are delicious. You can have them as a starter or as a main, for brunch, lunch or dinner. Whenever you’re having them, they are still going to be delicious. Remember to freshen your breath afterwords though!

315g high protein flour
1 tsp salt
7g yeast (we use Alison Dried Active yeast)
7g sugar (we like raw)
1 cup warm water

25g cheese
75g butter
2 -4 cloves of garlic

Start off by combining the 315g of flour and teaspoon of salt through a sieve.

When you’ve done that, grab a jug and fill it up with a cup of warm water. This water should be a temperature that you would be happy to have a bath in.

Now put 7g of sugar in with 7g of yeast and shake it together so it is mixed nicely.

Pour your sugar and yeast mixture into the bath temperature water and stir. You want to pour this into your flour and salt mixture a minute after bubbles start to form.

Bubbles starting to form? Pour it all in at once! Then mix with your hands until it is combined and not crumbly or sticky. It doesn’t seem like it will happen at first, but it will. You shouldn’t have to adjust the amount of flour in the mixture unless your scales are horribly inaccurate, bah!

Turn your dough onto a lightly and evenly floured surface (use a sieve) and start kneading.

If you are new to kneading, think of it as the middle ground between dancing, fighting and cooking. Throw the dough down on your floured surface and push forward with quite a bit of pressure, then fold over, turn, and repeat. Do this for 10 or so minutes. You will notice a change in the texture and feel of the dough when it is ready.

Smother with your favourite olive oil to rise for at least an hour. Leave in a warm place for it to rise quicker or a colder place, even the fridge, for a more complex flavour.

While you are waiting for the magic to happen, you can make the garlic butter mixture.

Take a couple of cloves of garlic and slice the woody bottom bit off and the very top, then peel. With a large knife, put your palm on the side of the blade and apply pressure to crush the clove. Sprinkle a pinch of salt over the garlic and apply pressure while moving the knife in a circular motion, this is grinding the garlic into a paste.

When your garlic is smooth, add it to 75g of softened butter and mix well. Then nuke (microwave) for around 15 seconds or until you are left with a creamy, but not completely melted mixture.

Melted Butter

Leave this to the side and grate your 25g of cheese that you will sprinkle over the top of the garlic pizzas. I recommend a strong oak smoked cheddar from your local farm shop.

Rest until your timer is done. Perhaps you could read some of my other articles?

Beautiful, now knock back your dough by punching down to remove excess air. If you are feeling clever, you can try turning the dough inside out to reveal a smoother surface.

Now cut the dough into 2 pieces for large garlic pizzas, or 3 for medium sized ones. Shape each one into a ball and squash. Roll them to about a 0.75cm thickness.

Fry them one at a time until the outside has stiffened up. To add extra taste, use a tablespoon or two of your garlic butter to fry them in.

Once you have done this, pop your oven up to 200 ºC. Cover your garlic pizzas with garlic butter and sprinkle cheese over. Cook for 5 to 12 minutes. Or until golden brown on top.


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