10 Reasons Why Every Smoker Should Switch to E-cigs and Vape Pens Today

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With the growing popularity of e-cigarettes and vape pens, more and more people have been switching to vaping to gradually help them to quit their smoking habit. A study concluded that of the almost 2.5 million e-cigarette users in the United Kingdom, more than one million of which have stopped smoking at all.

If you are planning to finally pull the plug on your smoking habit, this article will be everything you need to convince you that vaping is the right choice. Today we will give you enough reasons to switch to vaping today!

Smoking Tobacco Cigarette Makes You Look and Feel Old

While most side effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes tend to be found internally, it can also affect how you look on the outside. Cigarette smokes give stretch marks, wrinkles, and sometimes, pimples. Your skin’s elasticity is affected whenever you smoke tobacco cigarettes, thus making you look older than your actual age. Smoking cigarettes contributes and puts you in a higher risk to get skin cancer, warts, and psoriasis, and you definitely would not want that!

Smoking tobacco cigarettes ruins your airways.

As a human being, it is of utmost importance that you can breathe comfortably whenever you need to. Smoking tobacco cigarettes ruins your airways which makes it difficult for you to breathe. A recent study showed that smoking can be attributed to 80% of the lung cancer cases. That is a huge number. For sure, there are viral videos that you can find online which shows the difference of a smoker’s lungs and a non-smoker’s lungs, and from there, you can already see the difference.

Vaping is a lot less harmful than smoking.

Vape pens and e-cigarettes use e liquids (or juices) that are made up of four elements: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food-grade flavors, and nicotine (if these terms are quite new to you, this post can give you a clearer picture.). The last ingredient is optional, of course. This is good for people who do not wish to go cold turkey. They can gradually decrease the nicotine content of their e-juice until they can quit smoking altogether. While on the other hand, tobacco cigarettes contain tar, arsenic, ammonia, acetone, cyanide, carbon monoxide and a lot of other toxins that are harmful to you and your family.

Vaping is the best way to quit smoking cigarettes.

No Smoking SignVape pens and e-cigarettes have helped people who used to be long-time smokers to finally quit their addiction. These devices are perfect as they give you an opportunity to still smoke but without the dangerous ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes. This makes a vape pen starter kit a recommended item for beginners who wish to start their smoke-free lives. Compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, vape pens and e-cigarettes will cost less as you only have to buy a starter kit one time and juice which can be refilled when it runs out.

Vaping lets you smoke whenever, (mostly) wherever.

Unlike smoking the usual cancer sticks, smoking vape pens and electronic cigarettes are allowed generally in most places. You no longer have to step out of a bar or a coffee shop just to smoke.

Vaping gives you the freedom you to choose from a variety of flavors.

Gone are the days when you have to stick with your usual reds or lights. Now, with vaping, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors to reflect your own taste and personality; even better, you can even customize your own flavor! Studies have shown that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes because you can choose your level of nicotine. You start to cut it to half, then continue doing so until there is no more. From there, you can free yourself from your smoking habits.

Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes a lot of diseases.

Nowadays, governments across the world have made an effort for people to cut their cigarette consumption by mandating tobacco companies to include graphic photos of diseases on the cigarette pack. A lot of diseases are caused by cigarettes which include infertility, throat cancer, emphysema, mouth cancer, and even erectile dysfunction. This can be quite embarrassing for male smokers out there. However, vaping eliminates the risks of you getting these diseases.

Vaping saves you a ton of money.

Despite common misconception that smoking cessation devices such as vape pens and electronic cigarettes are expensive, they actually do not have to be. You can get your own vape pen starter kit under $30. An average smoker spend almost $20 a day just for a pack of cigarettes. See, vaping will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can buy a bottle of e-juice and when you run out of it, you can just buy a refill. As simple and cost-efficient as that!

Vaping eliminates ashes and smoke dusts.

Not only that smoking is dangerous to your health, but it is also not fun especially when it leaves you with ashes and smoke dusts in your black shirt. Tobacco cigarettes are messy and they make you smell like you have not taken a shower for days. It is unflattering to other people. This is what is also good about vape pens and e-cigarettes: they do not leave a mess aside from the sweet smell of vapor. It also saves you time cleaning your apartment for dust and ash and washing your hands to get rid of the stink.

Vaping does not upset the environment.

There are irresponsible smokers out there that blatantly throw their cigarette butts and ash in the streets that would eventually add up to the clogging of drainage. Then flash floods. Vape pens and e-cigarettes do not have “butts” and most parts of them can be recycled.

We hope that the reasons listed above have made you decide to switch to vaping today. Say goodbye to those cancer sticks and start living a healthier life, because we are not growing younger, are we? If you have questions, comments, and other suggestions that this article probably missed, feel free to leave them in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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