5 Ways to Relax After a Stressful Week

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There is no getting away from the fact that life can be very stressful. And that stress can be a leading cause of a whole heap of other issues. So lowering your stress levels is something that should be added to your never-ending to-do list.

But, the great thing about doing something relaxing is that it can be on your own terms. You get to choose what you love and make the most of it.


Heading out for a walk is something that is great for clearing your mind. It doesn’t have to be a bike hike, you can just slip on your trainers and head for the nearest park. The combination of the greenery and the fresh air will blow off the cobwebs and let your brain switch off for a while. You can combine this with taking photographs and capturing interesting birds, scenery, or if you are an early bird – the sunrise.


It doesn’t matter if you have never painted before in your life. Or perhaps you don’t think you have anything to say in terms of writing. They can both be powerful tools for you to use for some de-stressing time. The great thing about creating is that you can make something that you can keep forever. If you choose to paint, you can hang it on your walls and will be reminded of how relaxing you find it each time you look at it. It is often the case that creative pursuits can open up a new income stream too.

Do Nothing

This is actually much harder than it sounds. We are always busy, and a lot of guilt comes with doing nothing. Simply turning off your phone and getting a break from the constant chatter in Whatsapp groups, or work updates via Slack is bliss. Disconnecting is one of the most difficult things to do in a hyper-connected world, which is why that overwhelming guilt can kick in. But just try doing nothing for a little while.


Sometimes we do things that don’t really contribute to having less stress. If your diet is lacking in fruits and vegetables, then often there will be vitamin deficits that will impact your overall energy and mental state. If you are still smoking, you might consider swapping to something like vaping or Smoko vapes and cut some of the extra chemicals out. If you find that you are reaching for carbs or sugar snacks a lot in the hopes of getting an energy boost to get you through the day, then it is probably time for you to give your diet an overhaul.


There are certain people that when you spend time with them, the world is brighter and the time feels well spent. You don’t have the time to focus on your stress when you are having drinks or a warm tea with people that make you laugh, and have stories of their own to share. Just remember that you should be spending time with them, and not playing on your mobile phone for the duration.

Image Credits: Nicolas Cool

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